Why Temporary Staff Are Better Than Permanent

Staffing services first appeared in the United States in the first half of the last century. At that time, the recruiting of the provided personnel was carried out by American unions working in industries where the demand for labor was determined by seasonal cycles. The demand for fruit pickers and agricultural workers fluctuated depending on the yield in a given state. In order to provide enough workers during peak periods, unions made agreements with farmers, and during the downturn, they paid their members benefits. 

The first private employment agencies hired low-skilled workers and taught them the basic skills of the traveling salesman. Agencies entered into contracts for the marketing of non-demanded products that trained workers sold in the provinces. In 1946, William Kelly founded Kelly Services, recruiting, trained, and provided office workers (secretaries, typists, and others). The American corporation Manpower, founded in 1948 by two lawyers, began to provide personnel as its main activity. They selected and hired office workers for the subsequent provision of their labor to third parties. Today these companies are world leaders in the personnel industry.

Why Temporary Staff Are Better Than Permanent

The US adapted to advanced forms of labor relations: flexible schedules, remote work, freelancing, HR outsourcing, temporary work, while abroad, this is not news for a long time. Recruiting and recruiting temporary workers overseas – for example, in the United States and Japan – is regulated by law and applied everywhere. Temporary staff is called “contractors” there, and such employees can make up 90% of the total number of employees in the company. Moreover, if Seattle companies attract personnel for a temporary low-paid project, then foreign companies thus open the door for highly qualified specialists. When you search “Seattle temp agencies,” you should know that Why is temporary staff so good? What is its benefit? Here are just 5 of the most important benefits.

1. Flexibility

Flexible recruitment is one of the main advantages of choosing temporary staff. Thanks to the simplified procedure for registration and reduction of temporary workers, attracting additional hands during the peak season or a specialist while the main employee is on vacation or sick is no longer a problem. At the same time, the agency assumes the fulfillment of all contractual and financial obligations with the hired temporary employee, allowing the company to free itself from the personnel function. Whilst they are temporary employees, it is still vital for employers to provide a contract that states their primary roles and obligations as to prevent any breach of contract in the future.

2. Saving

The savings in hiring temporary staff are obvious: freelancers are paid only for the work performed and the time actually spent on it. For contract workers, there is no need to pay contributions to various funds, there is no need to provide them with work during periods when there is no work, and there is no need to pay for downtime. When the need for a temporary worker disappears, he/she does not need to pay severance pay when laid off. The benefits are obvious.

3. Optimization

Optimizing recruitment costs, reducing the staff budget are the most popular and unpleasant HR tasks. However, it is with the help of the transition to work with an outsourcing agency and the mass hiring of temporary employees that you can easily optimize the payroll and reduce labor payments without reducing the number of workers. On the contrary, the number of employees can be increased and, a short-term project can be launched, for which there were not enough funds before and which the budget has now allowed to implement.

4. Efficiency

Even the most advanced HR department is not able to quickly find 300 cashiers or 500 loaders. To do this, you need a whole professional network of people in different regions of the country who are ready to go to work immediately. Only specialized agencies have access to such a valuable talent pool. Only they can quickly and efficiently meet the labor needs of the company, providing the necessary number of temporary employees.

5. Mobility

The number of people who prefer temporary employment to permanent employment is growing every year. The reduction does not scare them. They want to work on different projects and try their hand at different specialties. They are professionally mobile and maneuverable. They are easy to move from one workplace to another and even transport them to temporary work in other cities. The leaders are Scion Staffing Seattle. Hiring such employees is a plus for all parties to the employment contract.

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