5 Tips for Choosing a Quality Supplement Manufacturer

Making the decision to start your own supplement company can lead to a lucrative business down the road. However, there are some aspects of this type of business that needs to be carefully thought out long before you decide to launch. Take, for example, the supplement manufacturer that you decide to work with. If you select the wrong company to help you produce your supplement products, you run the risk of selling subpar products that can keep your business from thriving. For those who are in the initial stages of choosing a manufacturer and need help doing so, here are five tips for choosing a quality supplement manufacturer.


Finding the Right Manufacturer for You

1. Look for manufacturers that have a host of products to choose from (and the options needed to scale)

When you’re first starting your supplement business, chances are that you have chosen a specific niche of products so that you can focus on marketing what you know to your target audience. However, as you scale, you are most likely going to want to expand your product line to bring in more customers and reach a wider consumer base. In order to do so, it is important that you choose vitamin supplement manufacturers that offer all the products you will need for business operations now and in the future.

An excellent example for this situation is Makers Nutrition. Makers Nutrition is a supplement manufacturer that provides customers with over 6,000 raw material options, giving you the freedom you need to produce supplements from herbal remedies to sports nutrition powders. Beyond their massive selection of raw materials, Makers Nutrition also focuses on offering a wide variety of consumption methods as well. Those who purchase from this manufacturer can offer their customers capsules, softgels, tablets, powders, and gummies. This gives you full control over the creation process, allowing you to produce the products that your customers are looking for.

If you want a quality manufacturer on your side, customization and variety are certainly two things to look for during your search.

2. Ask yourself, are they certified and compliant with supplement regulations?

Great supplement manufacturers have the proper certification and proof of compliance needed to show that they produce high-quality, safe products for consumption. You can see whether or not a business has this by looking for items on their website like the Current Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP) stamp, which shows that the manufacturer follows FDA-enforced production regulations, and an FDA stamp that shows the products were made in an FDA registered facility. You should also look for additional stamps on their products that indicate supplements are made from vegan, organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO materials. That said, it is important you take the time to carefully research the company as some may attempt to use false certifications in order to gain your trust.

3. Find manufacturers that provide you with a host of services designed to streamline the production and sales process

Making sure that you get the highest-quality supplements possible is at the top of your to-do list. However, you should also look for manufacturers that provide you with additional services designed to make the selling process simpler. For example, choosing a manufacturer that offers private label supplements (with branding and logo creation support) and provides fulfillment services to get products directly to your buyers can make running your business far easier. Although this isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a company to work with, it is a major bonus that high-quality manufacturers offer.

4. Learn more about where their warehouse is located as well as how your items are stored and distributed

Transparency is a sign of quality, and your chosen manufacturer should tell you exactly where their warehouses are located (with a focus on having a local manufacturer rather than one outside the country). Another aspect of the production process that they should make you aware of is how they store and distribute your items. Are your products sitting in a hot facility for weeks at a time and custom ordered? Or, as they should be, are products stored in an air-conditioned facility and properly sealed and packaged to ensure freshness and quality? If you can, make sure to visit the facility of your supplement manufacturer to learn how the entire process works.

5. How does your chosen manufacturer ensure the quality of your products?

No one wants to buy products from a company that does not let you know exactly what you’re getting. This applies to those making a purchase from a supplement manufacturer and customers purchasing that same product from the company distributing those products. Look for manufacturers that conduct lab tests on their materials and provide you with a certificate of analysis for each type of product that you purchase. If they can’t give you the quality assurance you need, walk away.

Finding a high-quality supplement manufacturer is key to running your business responsibly and providing your customers with the best possible product around. If you are in the initial stages of finding a company to produce the supplements you are selling, use the tips above to learn more about what you should be looking for when you conduct your search.

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