6 Useful Things to Consider when Choosing a Television (TV)

6Televisions have been bringing families together ever since the first one was introduced in the early twentieth century. Be it catching up on everyone’s day, celebrating special occasions, or watching the latest episode of a much-awaited TV series, you can’t deny that your television will always be part of your memories with family.

This is why if you are considering buying a new TV to take your home entertainment up a notch, you must get the right one. From choosing the right size, making sure it has the latest technology and features and ensuring it fits in your budget, there are many factors to consider before you buy a television.

Despite the heavy pricing of smart TVs in the market, you can stay well within your budget without making any compromises on quality, branding or features. Just make your payment via No Cost EMIs to keep your family and bank balance happy.

Now that you know how to shop for your new TV, learn a few things about what you should look for when zeroing in on one for yourself.

Here are six top things you must consider:

Determine how much you can shell out

Needless to say, TVs packed with the latest features and technology are bound to come with a heavier price tag. While an average-sized LED TV (42-44 inches) may cost you in the range of Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000, a slightly bigger television, say 55 inches, may set you back by around Rs.60,000 or so. If you plan to go big with a 70 to 80-inch TV, be prepared to shell out anywhere between Rs.80,000 to Rs.1 lakh and above.

If you pay more, expect better clarity, vivid colours and, of course, bigger screens—basically an experience that is just short of being in a cinema theatre. So, decide what your priorities and expectations are from your TV before setting the budget.        

Consider the TV size you require

When it comes to choosing the size, the bigger the better. New technology such as OLED and 4K LED promise sharp, vivid images with resolutions that are higher than ever before. Choosing a smaller screen size won’t do any justice to these innovations.

The Samsung Series 7 4K UHD LED Smart TV, for example, is an amalgamation of the best innovations, 4K and UHD, which means crystal clear clarity with bright, natural colours. Now imagine watching your favourite movie on this TV, with the biggest size available, 75 inches! Your home is now the only theatre you need with this brilliant piece of innovation.

Choose the right TV resolution

If your TV is still stuck in the HDTV era, it’s time for an upgrade. While an HDTV boasts of a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, if you choose to go 4K, you can enjoy a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Yes, it may cost you more, but if you are someone who watches TV regularly, then this will be a good investment in the long run as 4K LED TVs to have a long running life. You can still opt for smaller, regular HDTV for your other rooms and have a 4K LED TV in your living room.

Opt for Smart TVs

Gone are the days when cable TV was the only means of entertainment. When you purchase a smart TV, you get access to in-built content-streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime. So, step into the future and get rid of your cable or satellite service.

Choose a smart TV with all your favourite streaming apps, and you will be entertained every day! Additionally, smart TVs allow you to connect your smartphone and other devices to the TV and enjoy casting photos, videos, music and more directly on your TV set.

With voice automated services, smart gesture control, and other customisable features, these TVs ensure you enjoy the new world of entertainment right in your living room.

Pay attention to connectivity features

You won’t have to potter around at the back of your TV trying to connect it to your laptop again. Most Smart TVs come with wireless connectivity. So, you can stream videos, photos and other data from your laptop to your TV screen via Bluetooth or just a single HDMI cable. Make sure the Smart TV has adequate HDMI ports, usually to the side of the screen.

Latest TVs also come with the option of casting your phone’s display on to the TV’s screen without the need for wires. If the TV has Bluetooth connectivity, you can even connect your headphones wirelessly and watch your favourite television show quietly late at night, without disturbing your family members.

Review the brand’s popularity

Sometimes you may come across a television by a lesser-known brand with impressive features and a decent price, and be tempted to buy it at once. But, don’t fall into that trap. There is usually a reason why the TV may seem too good to be true.

One such reason is lack or scarcity of service centres. So, if your TV malfunctions or needs to be repaired, you will be in a major fix and you won’t have a centre to take it to, even if the unit is under warranty.

Therefore, look for television made by a popular brand such as LG or Samsung TV. Not only will they have service centres that are easily accessible to you, but they may also offer to pick up the television and drop it back for you, saving you transport costs.  

With this basic knowledge on what to look for when buying a television, there is no doubt you will pick the best smart TV for yourself and your family. Go ahead and take the next step. Find out your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv to get instant EMI financing at your fingertips and make your purchase economically.

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