5 Things to Know That Are Affecting your Health Daily

A healthy life is a composite of the everyday choices that we make. We might not realize the significance of the rather mundane activities that we go about in our daily routine.  Nonetheless, their impact is very serious albeit not very immediate. Down the road, the lifestyle choices will catch up and will surely haunt us if not remedied.

Some practices are enlisted below that are part and parcel of daily life. Consequences of these activities are far-reaching and grave, thus these practices have to be modulated to ensure a wholesome life. 


One of your biggest adversaries is stress. Getting hyped up over certain situations is fine, however, if high-stress levels persist chronically and interfere with your life, you need help. Stress leads to great dangers like heart disease, depression etc. 

Certain things like breathing exercise, consciously channeling positive thoughts aid in dealing with stress, however, many of us still might need professional help. To avoid situations and the impact of stress from exacerbating, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Considering the current lack of access due to COVID-19, try and get doctor consultation online. Get yourself the medical aid without further delay. 


You are what you eat is not a cliché; it is in fact very true. Dietary practices are crucial for ensuring a healthy life, as have far-reaching consequences for the entire body. If careful attention is not paid to the sort of food being consumed, and the way it is being prepared, health can be jeopardized. 

Properly cleaning food is an important step that goes amiss many times. Moreover, the cooking technique is also very important. Food, especially meat, should also be cooked properly and not remain raw. Greasy and oily foods are really bad for the entire body, but especially the heart. Consuming too much oil food runs the risk of clogging the arteries and thus leads to heart diseases. Also, overcooking leads to a decreased nutritional value of food. 

Furthermore, whilst it is okay to eat desserts every now and then but gobbling down too much sugar all the time is extremely dangerous for health. From obesity to the danger of cardiac disease, to an increased propensity towards getting diabetes, risks of increased sugar intake run great. 

Therefore, the importance of eating good food cannot be discounted. A balanced diet with portion control should be consumed; fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains should be consumed in greater proportions as opposed to processed and sugary foods. 

A healthy diet does not have to be a boring diet. Just take everything in moderation. Treat yourself a few times a month, but do not make such excessive meals part of the daily routine. Gradually, bad eating habits catch up with you and manifest in the form of dangerous diseases and painful conditions. 

Habits like Smoking and Too Much Screen Time

There are so many vices that most of us have picked up and do not realize their danger. They provide timely entertainment, yes, however, the price paid for these few minutes of bliss is great. Smoking is one such habit that so many have picked up, not realizing the risks involved; from mouth disease to terminal illnesses like cancer, the stakes are great. 

Moreover, a very common practice is the excessive use of screens, especially at midnight. This interferes with the sleep pattern and strains the eyes. Furthermore, addiction to phones also results in depression. 

Likewise, it is important to evaluate different habits objectively and remove all such activities that interfere with health. 

Lack of physical Activity 

Due to desk jobs and a sedentary lifestyle, people are getting more and more prone to lack of activity. This dearth of physical activity has so many adverse impacts on mental and physical health. Not getting the requisite workout leads to so many health complications. Therefore, working out daily is imperative. 

Moreover, exercise does not have to be a sweat fest all the time. Many people get daunted by the physical activity and the exertion. However, not every work out has to be high intensity. There are so many different types of exercise available that can be done in accordance with your body’s stamina.

 A workout of at least 30 minutes daily can promote health and decrease the chances of diseases. Walkthrough the park, some fun aerobics, running around with your children are some fun ways to incorporate physical activity in life. 

Also, exercise helps release the good hormones and therefore curbs stress levels. It also helps with weight loss. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of fatal diseases and conditions like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and mental disorders like depression. Hence, make it a part of the daily routine. 


Sleeping is an important part of the daily existence. However, it needs to be modulated carefully as well. Over and under sleeping, both are extremely bad for the health. It is suggested that adults get 7-9 hours of shuteye. The impact of sleeping practices are far reaching and influence every facet of life.

 Not getting sufficient sleep leads to problems like depression, fatigue, anxiety, diabetes. And similar are the unfavorable consequences of over sleeping like cardiovascular issues, mental ailments and increased chances for obesity.  Ergo, your daily sleeping habits are having a significant impact on your overall health, so they need to be disciplined to improve your wellbeing. 

However, some people have understandable issues that interfere with sleeping, like back problems. For in such cases, it is best to get professional help to diagnose the actual underlying issue. 

A visit to the lab for imaging data might also be required, for which is it imperative to consult only credible labs. An MRI in Lahore can be done via the hyperlinked labs. Back problems and aggravate with time. They interrupt with sleep, and vice versa too. Therefore, rule out such issues timely. 

Each and every practice of ours is likely to have an impact on the overall health. So, make wise lifestyle choices to live fully and disease free. 

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