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The synthesis of Ethylferrocene is actually an accident. Dating back to 1951, Kealy and Pauson failed to synthesize fulvalene with Grignard reagent C5H5MgBr and catalyst FeCl3, but they unexpectedly obtained a yellow crystal which is one of the excellent pharmaceutical raw materials. After some simple researches, they concluded that the molecular formula of that substance was C10H10Fe. Some physical properties of it were also detected by them gradually. However, due to the limitation of the technical conditions at that time, the chemical structure of the substance could not be known, so Kealy and Pauson weren’t able to further study other properties.

Gone are the days when the technology is limited and the equipment is outdated.Today we can easily and quickly find out most of the properties of Ethylferrocene. As an aromatic organo-transition metal compound, Ethylferrocene is an orange-yellow powder with camphor odor at room temperature. Its melting point is from 172 °C to 174 °C, while its boiling point is 249 °C. Its molecule features high thermal stability, chemical stability and radiation resistance. This pharmaceutical raw material is insoluble in water but soluble in benzene, ether, gasoline, diesel and other organic solvents. With a stable chemical property, it does not react with acid, alkali and ultraviolet rays.

Nowadays, as the demand for Ethylferrocene grows, so does the number of pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers in the world. Take Hohance as an example. Located in Shanghai, China, Hohance is well-recognized as a high-tech enterprise specializing in wholesale nootropics, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, etc. With various top-class entrepreneurial technical talents and an excellent R&D team, Hohance has attracted worldwide support and investment for its reliable reputation since its establishment.

Although the application of Ethylferrocene itself is limited, a wide variety of derivatives of it can be synthesized by known methods, which significantly extends the scope of application of Ethylferrocene. As a matter of fact, Ethylferrocene and its derivatives are widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, aerospace, environmental protection and other fields. The followings are the details about the function of Ethylferrocene and its derivatives.

Long ago, the smoke-suppression and combustion-supporting function of Ethylferrocene was discovered. Whether it is added to solid fuel, liquid fuel or gas fuel, it can exert this effect, especially for hydrocarbons with much smoke during combustion. The addition of Ethylferrocene to gasoline has a good anti-seismic effect, which will be limited when the deposition of iron oxide on the spark plug. When the Ethylferrocene is added to kerosene or diesel oil, there are less adverse effects because the engine does not use an ignition device. In addition to the function mentioned above, Ethylferrocene also promotes the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

Ethylferrocene’s derivatives can increase the yield of p-chlorotoluene in toluene chlorination. In addition, these pharmaceutical raw materials can not only be used as insecticides, antioxidants for rubber or polyethylene, stabilizers for polyurea esters, catalysts for isobutylene spasmodic methylation, but also the catalysts for the decomposition of macromolecule peroxides, additives for anti-load lubricants, accelerators for abrasive materials, etc. For example, if vinyl derivatives of Ethylferrocene undergo olefin bond polymerization, metal-containing polymers with carbon chain skeleton can be obtained, which can be used as outer coatings fo spacecraft.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

When it comes to deciding which vendor to shop your Ethylferrocene, consider the brand which is paired with required Assay in a professional laboratory setting. In other words, ensure that there is nothing harmful in the Ethylferrocene. It seems that global buyers all prefer Hohance’s pharmaceutical raw materials for their high purity and safety with rather reasonable pricing. Ethylferrocene from Hohance can replace toxic chemical substances in gasoline to produce high-grade unleaded petrol. What’s more, it serves as fertilizer full of iron, which enables plants or grains to absorb nutrients. Most importantly, including Ethylferrocene, other pharmaceutical raw materials from this firm come into the global market with certificates of SGS and ISO. Maybe you can try Hohance for your purchasing of Ethylferrocene.

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