Portable Massager Is the Best Helper That You Must Try

Back and Neck Pain

How to Ease Your Back and Neck Pain?

Slumping on the couch to watch television for several hours, looking down at our phones or tablets constantly, and sitting all day working before a computer screen are great ways to throw our bodies out of alignment. As a result, we experience back and neck pain. So how can we ease that pain and feel relaxed again? Here are 5 useful methods for you, including purchasing a portable massager, the best helper. Read on to know more.

It’s Never Too Late to Tweak Your Posture

Does your mom always nag you to sit or stand up straight? Or do you realize that you sometimes encounter neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and aching back? All of these can be traced right back to your poor posture. It should be noted that, when you sit at your desk to work, you’d better hold your shoulders and arms at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor. And also, position your monitor straight ahead at eye level for lessening the overwork of muscles in your neck and back.

Exercise Is One of the Most Essential Treatments

Exercise not only increases the flexibility of the joints but also enhances the strength and endurance of our muscles, which in turn enhances the blood circulation throughout our body and relieves our stress. So invite your friends or your families to do some sports after work or on weekends. Tai chi, yoga and swimming are recommended to you.

Essential Treatments

Why Not Try Physiotherapy?

As for physiotherapy, there are several methods for you, such as ultrasonic treatment, electrotherapy, hot compress and cold compress, etc. Ultrasound waves penetrate your muscle tissue and produce heat that helps relieve the soreness and reduce swelling. Electrotherapy can urge muscle cells to move regularly to break the lactic acid in the muscles to achieve relieving the pain by electrical stimulation. In addition, you are free to choose cold compress and hot compress in different situations. The former is suitable for acute pain in one or two days and has a significant contribution to eliminating the swelling, while the latter is more ideal for chronic pain and can improve partial blood circulation and enhance the resilience of tissues.


Some Complements Can Accelerate the Healing

When the severe soreness occurs to you, you’d better take some measures immediately and effectively. No one can afford the risks of ruining his or her healthy body. So it’s time to show you some complements that can be added into your healing. It’s wise of you to plaster some ointments on your neck or your back to relieve that burning sensation of the swelling on your neck or your back. Of course, you can also take some useful medicines according to the doctors’ advice.

You Can Rely on a Portable Massager to Ease Your Neck or Back Pain

We leveraged the tips mentioned above and have finally found the best helper. In fact, massage can take a load off your shoulders, relieve tension, or just reward yourself for all of your hard work. Believe it or not, the benefits of regular massages are about more than those feel-good moments. Each session is a building block, training your body to maintain its relaxed state and teaching your muscles to remain loose even during high-stress periods. Some people may find a professional massagist. However, others may prefer a wearable wireless electric massager in a more economical and convenient way. That’s because you can use it wherever you want and whenever you like. When it comes to the mini massager, this Wireless Tens Unit Mini Portable Massager of Rooftree is recommended to you. Aimed at relieving of back and neck pain, this portable massager has an extended battery life and equips with a USB charging cable for convenience, with a warranty for 12 months and 30-days return policy. It can help you to reduce your cost and bring you the best experience. Furthermore, it has a soft, flexible and skin-friendly electrode pad which is wireless for avoiding tangled cords and allowing easy portability. There are ten degrees of intensities and five modes, such as Massage, Kneading, Press, Tap and Auto for you to choose. What’s more, this mini massager will stay quiet most of the time, except when you press the buttons, so it will not annoy you or others around you.

Now that you’ve gone through these methods above, you may consider a portable massager as the best helper for relieving your neck and back pain. If you do, Wireless Tens Unit Mini Portable Massager of Rooftree can be your best choice.

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