Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

From the initial release date (May 2017), Flutter Apps are buzzing around the developer world. The interesting part is, not many people appreciate Google’s SDK (Software Development Kit), but this word “Flutter” is in every mobile app developer’s mind. So, let’s first clear it out that what is so special about Flutter Apps?

Flutter is a mobile app SDK built by Google to develop Cross platform mobile applications. With Flutter,developers get a full package of development tools, frameworks and widgets,which means less hard work and more productivity.

Flutter is an only mobile development SDK which gives reactive views without the need of JavaScript Bridge: This fact makes it more try worthy and exciting.

Interesting Facts About Flutter

·         Flutter is open-source and free of cost.

·         UI elements of Flutter work according to some specific guidelines.

·         React native is the top competitor of Flutter app development.

·         Flutter is a Dart (object-oriented programming language) based SDK 

·         Flutter comes with effective and customizable widgets.

Now that we have learned some basic facts describing Flutter, let’s go further and discuss its advantages and disadvantages-

Advantages of Flutter Apps

1. Cross Platform Development

Flutter allows writing one code to use on whichever platform you want. Have one Codebase and use it on different Operating systems. Did I mention that Flutter can work on Fuchsia (A Google developed experimental operating system)? According to some people, Fuchsia can replace Android in the future.

2.  High Speed Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps which are made with Flutter are a lot faster than the apps made with other SDKs. Besides, Flutter’s better UI promises smoother user experience without hanging and breaks while scrolling.

3.  Amazing For MVP

Flutter works wonders with MVP and MVP plays a paramount role for the foundation of mobile application. So, if you want your app to be developed quicker, go for Flutter.

4.  Hot Reload

You can call Hot Reload an upper hand for Flutter because it allows the developer to notice all the minor and major changes in the code right away. Not only the developer can see them, but can also do little fixes with the help of Hot Reload.

5. Minimise Testing Efforts

Flutter produces a single code that can work with multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. So, the programmers don’t need to write two codes and test them individually on Android and iOS, hence, minimised testing efforts.

6. Access Native Features

Working on Flutter is so easy that developers can work with some very low-end devices too where they can access the native features like camera and geolocation. Flutter also lets you reuse your existing code of Java, Swift and Objective-C for iOS and Android development.

Disadvantages of Flutter

1.   Lack of Support

Yes, I agree that developers are accepting Flutter with open hands, but still, there is a long way to go. Large groups of developers still don’t find Flutter comfortable enough to replace other SDKs. In the terms of user support, Flutter is lacking behind.

2.  Continuous Integration

Continuous integration support can be called a major disadvantage for Flutter. Because flutter is new and on its early stages, many CI platforms do not support it. It’s a major through back for team Flutter.

3.   Web Apps

Web apps have become equally crucial as mobile apps for businesses and no company can ignore them. Unfortunately, Flutter works for mobile applications only. This is a big disadvantage of Flutter.

In the last few years, mobile app development community has showered all their love on cross platform mobile apps. Why shouldn’t they?! It is way more efficient and less time consuming for developers and business owners, both. Flutter Apps are here to take the popularity of cross platform mobile apps few steps further.

Flutter may lose some points in this war of pros and cons, but its advantages are way heavier than disadvantages. Change is the only constant in the technology world and if the change has some benefits, why not give it a try?

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