What do Tree Surgeons Actually Do?

To most people, when they think about tree surgeons, they think about grown men, climbing and cutting down trees. Yes, there certainly an element of that (and it is as fun as it looks), but there’s so much more to being a tree surgeon than meets the eye.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the various services that a tree surgeon offers, and why they’re so important. There may even be certain services that you can benefit from that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. Let’s start exploring.

1 – Tree felling & removal

OK, so everyone knows about tree felling. This is the process of cutting down an entire tree, and then having it removed from a property. This is what most people think of when they picture a tree surgeon. But, why would you need a tree cutting down, besides wanting to clear some space on your property?

Well, first of all, a tree might need removing if it has died or is diseased. If left unchecked, a diseased tree can not only become a terrible eye sore, but a danger to the other trees and surrounding plant-life on your property. This is the most common reason for needing a tree felled.

Then of course, there is the necessity for clearing a tree or group of trees for a construction or extension project. The trees might be perfectly healthy but are simply inconveniently located. It’s not always possible, but in some cases the tree can be dug out and relocated, of course, it just depends on the size.

Be mindful of the fact that there are certain listed and protected trees, which cannot be removed, unless under special circumstances. If you go ahead and remove a tree, even if it is on private property, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. If you’re not sure about a certain tree on your property or can’t seem to find anything on the list provided by Gov.Au websites, it may be worth seeking professional advice—which leads on to our next service.

2 – Arborist consultation

An arborist or tree surgeon will have significant knowledge and expertise regarding all manner of tree species that grow in Australia. Thus, it is always worth speaking to the professionals if you are in need of advice. Such arborist consultation services can include creating plans for commercial developments and the implementation of certain trees, or the removing / relocating of trees for various construction project. They can even offer advice on how best to care for certain trees and how regularly they should be maintained.

3 – Tree stump removal

It’s all very well having a tree felled and removed, but the stump can be an absolute nuisance to get rid of. Thus, a tree surgeon will almost always be required to have the stump itself removed, as they have purpose-built stump grinding equipment to aid them. If you’d like to try and remove a stump on your own, you’re welcome to the challenge, but it wouldn’t be advised. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube of failed stump removal attempts, for your reference.

4 – Tree pruning

Tree pruning is one of the most essential tree maintenance services available. It is the practice of removing dead or dying branches and cutting back a tree to promote healthy growth and future development. If left to its own devices, a tree can grow wild and branches can become malformed. In some cases, as well, when a branch dies, if not removed safely, it will become a health hazard. Any harsh weather might cause the branches to snap off and cause damage to your property, or worse, you or one of your family members.

5 – Canopy shaping

Canopy shaping is similar to pruning, in that it is designed to trim a tree back to promote healthy growth. When a canopy becomes too dense, it can prevent enough sunlight from getting through to the tree itself, and the other plant-life underneath it. It can also be implemented for purely aesthetic reasons, to create a tidier & more presentable look.

6 – Powerline clearance

Trees are free and will grow in any direction they choose (depending on the sunlight of course), so it’s not uncommon for branches to veer dangerously close to powerlines. A very important service that tree surgeons off is clearing branches in the proximity of powerlines. This is key for keeping your property safe and to prevent electrical fires or blackouts. It is also a requirement by law, so be mindful of your trees, as you can receive hefty fines from your local councils.


Tree surgeons are essential for keeping our local natural environment looking clean and healthy. They keep us safe on our properties by taking care of hazardous trees and can offer excellent advice on how to prevent or care for sick or dying trees. If you’re looking for tree lopping services in Perth, or any other tree-related service, then there is certainly no shortage of tree service companies available to you.

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