9 Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body


Remaining awake till late night has become a common habit for all of us. But it has also become a necessary one as well. Some people mark staying awake at night as a primary reason to become successful in their respective field. Also, the rise of the various IT based project has enabled people working with clients from abroad. Due to the time difference, they often have to work at night as well. But it leads to various mental and physical problem as well. Have a look at the worse effects of sleep deprivation here to avoid the consequences.

Memory Loss

The most common trait among the patients suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation is the loss of memory. Both short and long-term memory can get hampered if you don’t get the proper amount of sleep. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley studied this matter in depth and found a strong link between memory loss and inadequate sleep.

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Scientifically explained, when we sleep, certain brain waves are formed which actively carry memories from the hippocampus, a small organ located within the brain’s medial temporal lobe to the prefrontal cortex, the cerebral cortex embracing the front part of the frontal lobe, where long-term memories are collected.

So, when we don’t get enough sleep, the memories fail to transfer to the prefrontal cortex from the hippocampus. Consequently, we begin to forget things and find it hard to recall names of people.

Weak Immunity

If you are worried why your immunity is decreasing day by day despite your rigorous following of the proper diet and physical exercise? Truth to be told, the way you’re passing sleepless nights either for pursuing your career or making your homework done cannot be a good sign for your health. Because our sleep, aka allowing the brain to take rest, has a lot do with our immune system. So, we mustn’t take it for granted. Best of all, we can take aid from a sleep cycle calculator. This device is best known for tracking how much sleep and when you should go to bed for keeping your immunity boosted.

High Blood Pressure

If you’ve felt like increased blood pressure (BP) after having a short span of sleep and ignored considering the vibe as some passing emotion, you’ve just shown your back to the reality. Because less than 5 hours sleep for consecutive days has enough menacing power to either forming high BP or worsening the case if you’re already bearing the BP symptoms.

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As keeping our nervous system in proper health as well as making the blood improve stress hormones is possible only we fall into sleep, we shouldn’t take the chance of marginalizing the importance of sleep anyway. Instead, we should make sure to get 7 – 8 hours sleep every night for treating as well as preventing the death like feeling caused by high blood pressure.  

Mood Swings

Due to sleeping less at night, it is quite usual for the human body to react differently compared to normal situations. Being quick-tempered and frequent mood swing is also a result of sleep deprivation. And this problem doesn’t reduce by itself. Rather, it will rise if proper rest is not taken. It may sound bit weird, but sleeping is closely related to our interactional behavior with others.

We can observe by ourselves in our daily life. For example, we have seen that in some days after waking up in the morning, we become angry without any reason. While we remain busy finding the reason behind this, we never examine our sleeping habit.


It is apparent that having less sleep causes us feeling sleepy all day long and drowsy at the same time. For this, driving cars and other machinery can be hazardous for us. Most of the accidents are caused by the sleepy drivers that are unaware of the road signs and other safety issues.

Besides driving, people who work in industrial places are highly at risk of injuries due to drowsy feeling. It may look not related to sleeping, but scientists have observed that low sleep at the right time causes sleepiness and monotonous feeling.

Thinking and Concentration Issues

Thinking is a continuous process, and our mind and body jointly work together to get the best result of it. We can’t think along with our body only leaving the mind at rest. It is joint work process and sleeping effects thinking from behind the scene.

Proper sleeping keeps the mind fresh and out of depression at working time. Putting concentration on a thing is reliable on the sleeping cycle of human being. People with less sleep will cause concentration trouble and leave us behind the best version of us.

Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In simplified terms, type 2 diabetes refers to the excessiveness amount of sugar aka glucose in the blood. This condition can result in heart disease at its worst point. As the present situation, you might not see any signs of this disease as you are having a proper weight and strictly maintains to eat healthy nutritious foods only.

However, the thing is you can still get caught in its demonic trap if you are continually skipping your much needed quantity of shuteye. Because less sleep restricts the discharge of insulin following your having the meal which doubles the prospect of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

Weight gain

Do you know lack of sleep can make your body gain more weight over time? We know it’s an awful fact, but the more frightening thing is the weight gaining process doesn’t take much time. It becomes active if you sleep for around 5 hours for only seven sequential nights.

Researchers at the University of Colorado remarks that sleeping for the mentioned duration, a person can average 2 pounds. Because the less production of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, and the increased hormone ghrelin that provokes feelings of hunger happen when we undergo sleep deprivation.

Lower Libido

While a lot of couples are continuously complaining to their doctors about the lower libido of their partner. Their sexual life might not be as pleasurable and passionate as it was before. But the real reason is something which we often overlook. As you and your partners are spending most of the hours at work or during an outing with friends and colleagues, you are having less rest.

It should be spent on sleep because lack of sleep lowers love hormones. Yes, you heard it right. Less sleep means low testosterone which negatively affects your libido. So, why not give yourself an extra hour to find yourself more active in bed.


I think you should not do overlook it if you find any symptoms of sleep deprivation. Because after reading this post it’s likely you have understood how severely it can affect a person and ruin your career and personal life as well. Cut all the distraction and get that an hour or two’s extra sleep for yourself.

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