8 foods that can help you to keep your age on check


Vitamin, anti-oxidants, and nutrients work magically to keep our skin looking younger. These things can keep our cells active and prevent age-related problems from happening to our skin. When we start to age, our skin cells break down. Many people do not even know that our skin starts showing signs of ageing from the mid-20s. To keep our skin younger looking for a long time, we should eat healthy from the very beginning. Here is the list of 8 foods that can help you to keep your age on the check


Blueberries are rich in flavonoids like myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. Blueberries are a rich source for vitamin C and K as well. These all can prevent damage of skin. The pollution damages and makes our skin look aged. Eating blueberries regularly can stop this from happening to you. Blueberries are one of those best anti-aging foods that help to get a healthy looking skin.


This ordinary fruit watermelon is all you need for hydration. It not only calms you down in a hot and humid day but also hydrates. It protects the skin from ageing prematurely. This amazing fruit is rich in selenium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and carbohydrates. Keep it pre-cut in chunks in the freezer and eat throughout the day. It will work as a great snack and hydrate at the same time.


No one can say no to a strawberry. But we never knew how amazing it works as an anti-aging food. It is the powerhouse of essential micronutrients. Phenolic compound is packed in it. Phenolic compounds are the house for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Strawberry boosts our metabolism and revives our skin cells. It prevents oxidative stress from our body which slows down the process of ageing.


This crunchy vegetable is a source of beta-carotene for our body. You can get potassium and antioxidant in it. If you are distressed about your weight in the middle age, then eating carrot will help. Carrot can make our skin glow much better. Carrot tastes good as stir-fry vegetable. You can even have it raw. This raw style is better because you do not lose any nutrients in the process of cooking.


We all know cucumber is all water and anti-oxidant. A cucumber is 96% water. When you are eating a cucumber, you are having water. It can work as a snack and help you lose weight. The hydration and anti-oxidant you get in cucumber can keep the skin younger for a long time. Its tannins and flavonoids work together and prevent radical damages from our skin.

Brussel sprout

No other vegetable contains more vitamin c and K than Brussel sprout. Vitamin K is good for our bone health. Vitamin C makes the glow in our skin. Brussel sprout can lessen the stress in your skin. Stress is the first thing to destroy our skin. It also builds a stronger immunity in our body. When you have a good immunity system, you can be stress-free and stay cool for years.


Soya bean and black beans are first names that come in our mind while taking the name of the bean. These are filled with anti-aging properties for you to fight with premature ageing. Beans contain anthocyanins and isoflavones that prevents our skin from UV rays and reactive oxygen species. Black beans are at the same time healthy and tasty to eat.  


Yoghurt is the best dairy product that you can choose without any pinch of hesitation. You will get a lot of gut-friendly bacteria that can kill harmful bacteria in your tummy. Yoghurt can slow down intrinsic or extrinsic signs of ageing. It gives you a glow like a queen.


Beauty lies in eating and living healthy. If you maintain a good lifestyle and be stress-free most of the time, then your signs of ageing will appear pretty late. Add superfoods in your diet alternatively to avoid being bored. Then your taste sense will also develop day by day.


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