The Chance to Grow Your Company with the Inventory Management Software

Business people are lucky to benefit today’s pieces of technology like the software for managing the inventory. Being better at stuff-tracking is one of the components in the money-making process.

Software for managing the inventory

Don’t you think it’s great to have software for tracking products, finding the products easier and faster for your customers, reordering products which will about to run out, and predicting your future sales? The EMERGE App among other inventory management software is to help empower your business, whether it is small or large, and make a lot of profits.

Benefits of the EMERGE App

  • The EMERGE App in your tablet makes it possible for you to create quotations needed by your customers as soon as possible with on-the-go PDF function. Emails and sales orders are easy to send or create with that kind of PDF function.
  • Monitoring the figures of critical business and managing the whole operations of your business which are as profit drivers, will be great with the EMERGE App.
  • The features of Task and Notes in all of the EMERGE modules are installed for all of your company’s division for easy sharing, collaborating, and storing all of your company’s files.
  • It’s flexible workflows making it possible for you to drop ship sale order and mass purchase with their deliveries and allow consolidated and partial delivery or invoicing from so many sales orders. These workflows are improved every day.
  • Small companies with only one worker—the owner, will be suitable for its cloud mobility and simple features for managing a business end to end. Small companies with maximum five employees responsible for different departments such as operations and account department and sales department will benefit the EMERGE App by accessing the predetermined modules. Companies with six or more workers will be able to create the rights for the certain access for every employee in the certain department. The access is for editing, deleting, and viewing.
  • Limiting your company’s salespeople to be able to access only to the modules for customers and product and sale is possible with the inventory management software like the EMERGE App. This will make your salespeople create the user account and permission assigning for accessing.
  • This app also makes you possible to limit your purchasing and operational department to only being able to access the modules of fulfillment and purchasing. People in those two will have to assign before accessing.
  • If you are in the management and you need all members in management to access the whole system carefully, you need to ask them to create an administrator account. This is there for you.
  • It makes it possible for you to combine both online and offline flows so you will have an effective business.
  • This app will make you able to choose the item to ship from the sales orders derived from the sales team in your ecommerce channels. You are also possible to generate shipping orders and issue the deliveries right away. To ship through your own courier or delivery department is also possible.

So, what do you think? You can see that by having a system managing inventory a company including yours will have a chance to grow bigger and bigger. This article about the software for managing the inventory does give you enough information right?

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