What’s New: 5 Must-Have Tools To Turbocharge Content Marketing Strategies in 2017

One of the most significant developments last 2016 was the changes in content marketing centered businesses unveiled by Facebook. The changes in the Newsfeed algorithms of Facebook decreased the organic reach.

There was 42 percent drop in referral traffic from Facebook according to different publishers. These changes indicate that brands should focus more on their audience reach and retention this year. This only fueled higher marketing demands to various SEO agencies like Search Engine Experts in Brisbane to propagate more audience to their site. Upgrading marketing contents

Now, is the best time to adopt new technology and adapt the six tools below that will turbocharge content marketing strategy in 2017.



It is an efficient content discovery tool that goes beyond basic engagement metrics like tweets and share counts and likes. The ingenious platform connects the user to real-time filterable newsfeeds of trending content across the globe.

The contents’ potential to go viral is measured using Almighty force algorithm. This enables brands to track trending contents before it becomes saturated. The by-product is content topics that are viral and arrives ahead of the competitor.



The smarter way to post your content on social media is to use Buffer. It’s touted as the Swiss Army knife of social media tools that helps social media syndication efforts.

Buffer allows the user to connect all his or her social media profiles on one central hub. This makes scheduling the contents of the social media asset easier.  What makes Buffer stand-out from the rest is its analytic posts that help serve your contents to the audience at the right time.

As a bonus, Buffer helps you save time by streamlining your social media’s publishing. Of course, when this happens, you have more time to focus on creating quality content and lesser time scheduling them.


Ninja Outreach

Finding influencers is made accessible by Ninja Outreach. All you have to do is enter a keyword to explore thousands of business leads, niche bloggers, and social media influencers. Ninja Outreach provides extensive contact details and data to over 25 million contacts.

Apart from aforementioned above. Ninja Outreach also provides platforms to find and manage and contact influencers. Brands can use the data accumulated through Ninja Outreach on selecting influencers and creating outreach email templates straight from their dashboards. Thus, making it easier to find leaders in a different niche.

Ninja Outreach helps in saving time and establishing connections to people who can help you increase your content’s reach when it comes to finding influencers.



SumoMe is armed with different solutions to help improve the reach of your content and grow your audience. The most notable advantage of SumoMe is that it furnishes tools that build a list and comes with exit intent feature that tracks the mouse movement of the user to identify when is the user going to leave the website.

Brands will be able to improve their conversion rates on a different page with full-screen calls to action that slides down from the top viewport after the content has been loaded and generates more email opt-ins as well as promoting the brand’s most recent product or blog post.

Moreover, SumoMe gives responsive-share button solutions to complement different websites. A/B testing (method of comparing two different apps or web page against each other and compare which one performs better) and handy analytics used for share-button placements are stored into an app. These features maximize your on-page engagements on social platforms.

SumoMe also helps in increasing the frequency of the contents across social media platforms. As we all know, generating more email opt-in and shares is always a good thing.



What better way it is to build customer relationships than to use an email. The platforms of SendGrid allows integration with almost every website which gives the user the power to reach all subscriber.

SendGrid makes it easier to create email funnels that can be A/B tested up to the last detail, giving the user an insight of what works and what doesn’t. The ingenious idea is to use SendGrid along with SumoMe to conjure a powerful email capture forms that will complement with well-timed emails for maximum audience engagement.



The best thing about all the tools mentioned above is that they can be used in combination to expand brand engagement. So, use the tools now so that your content marketing efforts will produce better results than they did last year. Or, better yet use them all in one turbocharged workflow to help your business flourish to higher different level.


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Iman Bahrani is the Chief Executive Officer of a successful SEO Sydney. He is a successful entrepreneur and an expert in online marketing strategies. During his downtime, he loves to write about his experiences in knowledge in the digital field and shares them with his readers.

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