How to Save your Mobile Phone Battery Power during Vacation

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Enjoying a vacation is something fun and exciting. Of course, many of you have such the precious time to get a free time which can be spent for enjoying such the fun vacation. Sometimes, it can be a bit frustrating when we could not enjoy the fun activity as like a vacation. That is why a vacation is totally needed by so many people. Then, when you have such the fun vacation, you still could not be separated from you mobile phone, right? Sure, our mobile phone still becomes the must bring gadget during the vacation. That is because we can communicate to anyone easily, browse internet on the go, and even we can check our business or office duty easily. Of course, we also often use our mobile phone for capturing the moment during the vacation. However, sometimes we just feel that frustrated when we are finding the battery power runs out. Besides bringing the portable power-bank, there are actually some effective ways you can do for saving much of the smartphone power.

Decreasing the Screen’s Brightness

One of the effective ways to do for saving much of the battery power of your mobile phone is by decreasing the level of screen’s brightness. Then, the lower will be the better. However, if you also often do some outdoor activities during the vacation, you can simply set it into the automatic mode. Another idea to do is by setting the sleep mode in the lower or faster time. That will help saving much of the power.

Deactivating the Unnecessary Features

You can deactivate the features which are not in use. That is including the feature of Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth. We would not need such those features anytime. So, when we are not using them, that is a good idea to deactivate them and activate them when you are going to use it.

Do not Use the Vibration Mode

It is good for you to also deactivate the mode of vibration. That is because the vibration will take much of the power. That is much better to choose the ringing mode that vibrate mode. That is because it will save much of the power. Silent mode with no ring and vibration will also be a good choice too especially if you do not want to get bothered by a lot of notification and call.

Activating the Power Saving Mode

For the users of mobile phone with Android operating system, there will be the feature of power saving. You can activate it easily. That will help on getting the setting which is in the lower power mode, as like lowering the brightness, avoiding the automatic application updates, and even deactivate the vibrate mode.

Those are some simple yet effective tips to help you saving much of the battery power of your mobile device. That will also be helpful for you when you are on vacation.

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