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Five Reasons Why You Should Create a Coming Soon Page for Your Website

Coming soon page can serve as teaser that will create buzz and build excitement for your upcoming website. It also will give a glimpse of your product to the visitors so they know what they can expect from your new website.

Unfortunately, there are still many people that think coming soon page is not important. Even if they put that page on their website, it is just at the bare minimum, which will not do anything good for your website and basically just waste everyone’s time. So, if you have decided to create a coming soon page for your new website, you are making a very smart decision. But if you don’t, here are some reasons to convince you why you should create a WordPress coming soon page.


Create a Buzz about Your Product

With coming soon page, you can tell the world what your product and website is all about even before the website is launched. You can introduce the logo and also the name of your product which will improve the brand awareness. Furthermore, with the right design and message, you can give a great first impression about your product which will make people anticipate it.


Grow Your Audience before the Official Launching

If you wait until your website is ready to start growing your audience, it will be too late. You should spread the word as early as possible so that people can pay attention to your website when it is finally launched. This is why coming soon page is very important. When people visit the coming soon page, you can ask them to enter their email so that you can notify them when your website is ready.

You also can offer other things that will hype the website launch, for example, you can offer discounts for visitors who buy some products from your website on the launching day. With that kind of incentive, people will not hesitate to provide their email for you, which later you can use for other marketing purposes.


Grow Your Social Media Followers

You cannot convey too many things in coming soon page because the space is limited. So, to help building the hype for your product and website, you can direct the visitors of the coming soon page to your social media. The messages you cannot say in the coming soon page, you can post in social media.

You cannot underestimate the power of social media in this era. So, growing your social media while prepare your website is also important. This way, the visitors that are attracted to your product after seeing the coming soon page can keep themselves updated about your brand from social media. So, the more followers you have, it certainly will be better. Furthermore, you also can encourage your followers to share the link of your coming soon page so that more people can see it.


Boost Your SEO Ranking

If the Coming soon page is optimized, it also can slightly boost your SEO ranking. Of course it is not significant and will not suddenly make your website appear in the first page of the search engine. But considering the competition in SEO ranking nowadays, even the smallest boost will be very helpful.

Let’s say that there are some other websites that will be launched in the same time with yours. However, unlike your website, they don’t have coming soon page. In case like this, it is your website that will get higher rank in the search engine. Since you put a coming soon page, your website will be older compared to the other websites even though they are launched in the same day. Furthermore, you are also ahead in the SEO game since you have basically optimized the website, the coming soon page to be precise, earlier.


Creating a Coming Soon Page is Very Easy

Last but not least, creating a coming soon page is really easy that it literally only takes minutes to do so. If you use WordPress, you can install coming soon page plugin. It comes with plenty of templates and you can choose one design that is the most suitable with your product and website. After that, you simply need to change the title and put other information you want to convey to the visitors. If you don’t have time to build the page from scratch, taking advantage of a simple WordPress plugin can be a great solution.

So, there is really no reason not to create a coming soon page. If you plan everything well, a simple coming soon page can bring so many benefits for your website.

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