Awesome Stats That Prove Video Marketing Works

There is no reason to wonder if video marketing is working today. According to HubSpot’s latest report, 81% of businesses use it today and well over a half of those that don’t will be doing so next year. This marketing tool is one of the most efficient you can use today. And learning a few other important statistics about it will help you see how to use it best for promoting your company.

Important Video Marketing Statistics That Prove Its Efficiency

1.       Online videos will make up over 80% of all internet traffic by 2020

A Cisco whitepaper with the predictions states that by the year 2020 over 80% of internet traffic will be taken over by people watching online videos. This number is even higher in the US (85%).

The most important conclusion you can make from this data is that missing out on video marketing isn’t an option. In the world where online video is the predominant media, you can’t afford to use it for advertising. Any other promotional tools will simply become outdated. An explainer video will have a great chance of being noticed and drawing more traffic to your page. You’ll need to have a versatile collection of clips to appeal to different audiences.

2.       A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

Forrester Research managed to prove that video is your most important content marketing tool. It’s the best medium for exchanging information that humans currently have. The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ pales in comparison to the 1.8 million of them that carry as much info as a single minute-long clip.

For you, as a business owner using video marketing, this means that your manuals and huge how-to and troubleshooting guides should evolve to a better format. An animated explainer video can explain all the how-tos and instructions much faster and in a way that’s easier for the customers to understand.

Of course, you can keep the textual content on your website and provide printed materials when necessary. After all, SEO remains one of the best ways to get ranked high by Google and keywords are an essential element of this optimization. However, producing information-heavy content in video format that is easier for your customers to understand is wise.

3.       59% of executives prefer videos to text

Stats published by WordPress state that about 59% of executives will choose to watch a video if both a clip and a text are available. This means that if you target the higher-ups in companies, you definitely should provide them with information in this format. Keep this in mind when developing an information package for potential investors or business partners.

This data is a definite proof that video marketing is bound to work. After all, executives aren’t the only people to prefer visuals to text. Therefore, you should consider sending your best textual content to a video production company. Turning it into clever high-quality clips will give your business an instant boost. You will also be able to make your company look more professional and reach a greater number of people.

4.       50% of internet users look for videos of the product before going to the store

Google itself says that 50% of internet users look up videos before going to purchase a product or service in a store. This is the best proof of the fact that creating those explanatory and product videos is a must for any business. They can make the difference between a buyer choosing your shop or a competitor’s.

When making those videos, make sure they are equally informative and attractive. Of course, people use them to learn about the product. However, they will be more motivated to buy from you if they genuinely enjoy the clip. That’s the crux of video marketing success; you have to remember that people want the things they watch to be entertaining.

5.       83% of marketers using videos believe they have a good ROI

Wyzowl video marketing stats 2017 show that 83% of marketers who use video are certain their video marketing strategy has a good ROI. That explains why the number of professionals who choose this as the main tool for their promotion campaigns grows every year. It will continue growing as the popularity of videos keeps skyrocketing.

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