Smart Home Technology Gadgets That Will Leave You Spellbound

According to technological advancements in home automation have led to the release of gadgets and devices that are helping to make the lives of people easy and improve their lifestyles as well. The manufacturing companies are not only focusing on the appeal of the devices but have also managed to integrate them in finding solutions to today’s problems.

The use or integration of 12-volt actuators in a wide range of smart home applications has not only helped people to reduce the effort applied but also to conserve their limited spaces. Here are some cool gadgets that will not only improve the look of your home but will also help you to control certain accessories at home remotely:

– Robot vacuum cleaners
The manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners have made it smart enough to clean and also empty its dust bin. One example is the Deebot from Ecovacs, the D77. The above can also be programmed to clean whenever the user is not at home.

– Clocky robotic alarm
Clocky is an annoying type of alarm that makes sure that has been developed to wake users instantaneously. Unlike traditional alarms, it hides and makes owners get off the bed to turn it off.

– Wireless LED light bulbs
The traditional lighting system is slowly being phased out with the newly improved and intelligent bulbs which can be controlled using our tablets and smartphones. Through the use of an app, Wi-Fi Bridge, users can remotely light or switch off their bulbs. Additionally, they are also energy saving.

– Bediator
The bediator is a type of radiator that helps to regulate room temperature and also to make it easier for people to switch to their preferred temperature range depending on the season. The radiator is energy efficient and also helps people save space (turns into a bed whenever the user is in need of rest).

– Smart Faucet
The Smart Faucet is a type of technology that aims at conserving water and saving energy. This piece of technology is hygienic and can be used by both children, the disabled as well as the elderly.

– Wireless Speakers
These speakers are indeed revolutionary, and users can remotely control them using their tablets and smartphones. Users also have access to their iTunes library. The speakers also provide people with good quality sound, and their classy look elevates their appeal.

– Book light
A book light is an improved lighting system that is suited for people who like reading a lot. Users can easily clip the light to their books and also control the viewing angle as well as the brightness of the light. Therefore, people can read books anywhere.

– Solar-powered path light
This smart technology is not only good for the environment but also helps users to conserve energy and save money.

– Z-Wave wireless door/Window sensor
Z-wave enabled gadgets provide people with control over their doors and windows. This device helps people to monitor their doors and to detect whenever there is an intrusion or unanticipated activity.

– Thermal leak detector
This detector allows users to scan their home and helps them detect any leaks. Users can, therefore, fix insulations within their homes and also monitor the frequency of their freezers, refrigerators as well as their automobile coolant system.

– Shower meter
The shower meter is a piece of technology that helps users to limit their use of resources (save up to 440 kWh and more than 8000L of water). This piece of device is also energy efficient and runs on the energy generated from the water flow.

– Smart Body Analyzer
The smart body analyzer is a piece of technology that seeks to collect health data. It collects information such as heart rate, body fat percentage, the quality of air in a room, and also the weight of an individual. Users can, therefore, set health goals and track their progress.

– Reusable dryer ball
These reusable dryer balls help to maintain a fabric’s softness and reduces the drying time by 25 percent.

– Motion Sensor PowerStrip with 8Outlets
This powerstrip automatically turns off four outlets 30 minutes after it has failed to detect human movement within a distance of 20 feet. Users can, therefore, ensure that they only leave the necessary equipment on while other peripheral devices are switched off.

– LG ThinQ Refrigerator
This refrigerator is not only Wi-Fi enabled but also provides users with additional storage options. Users are given the opportunity of monitoring all of their perishable foodstuffs. Additionally, users can also make shopping lists based on the stock available.

– Sony SmartWatch
This smartwatch provides users with the ability to monitor and control gadgets within their house. People can, therefore, send emails, text, and chat using their watch. Finally, it is also fit for all kinds of weather patterns.

– Sony Eclipse
The Sony Eclipse is a solar-powered media player that is not only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled but also has a USB port.

– Eco dish cleaner
The eco dish cleaner ionizes food waste on plates and converts it into reusable compost. A good example is the Electrolux Eco Cleaner. This device makes use of solar energy to charge its battery, and through the daily food waste, it provides healthy soil for plants.

– OneBowl Utensil
This kitchenware combines cooking, and straining and thus saves users the trouble of changing bowls whenever they are boiling pasta or noodles.

– Air purifier
A good example is the Ecomgear, and by using it, users can maintain suitable humidity around their room. This device can be used in homes as well as offices and is also energy efficient. Additionally, it also removes bad odors from rooms thus providing people with fresh air.

Home automation is expected to keep improving. Technological advancements are making it easier and cheaper for people to adopt the idea of home automation. The integration of linear actuators in home automation is increasingly helping to accelerate the rate of technological change in home automation. People are given remote control over their homes, and currently, one can use their phone, tablet or even watch to ensure monitor some devices.

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