Right Ways To Use Video As A Website’s Background

With proper video marketing, an attractive background perfectly fits into the website design. Marketers appreciate the video for its ability to attract attention in no time, creativity, beauty, and the artistry that static images cannot convey!

Conversion experts and website owners point out the fact that information brought to visitor’s attention with the help of video increases interest in the offer and customer loyalty (more registrations, subscriptions, etc.).

But keep in mind that you have to think twice before choosing a video background for a website: even the coolest innovations can harm your website’s design and the website itself. Sometimes, you should simply pick up a static beautiful background!

Now we will share with you some useful tips and proven approaches to using video for the background of the site, as well as mention the golden rules for background videos!

When should you use a video background on the website?

Video background is the most effective solution if:

• you need to create an atmosphere related to your subject area;

• you want to set the tone, create a dialogue with the audience;

• your subject suggests a positive emotional reaction.

Example #1: Services #1 business, consulting or design agencies.

Video in the background will suit most professional websites. Create a thematic clip, showing the working life of the team/process of creation/useful tips for the consumers. It will help them to quickly get acquainted with your approach to business, mission, philosophy, product or service features and benefits.

While watching the video on the background, the client gets prepared to hear your offer and to communicate with you.

Example # 2: Physical or digital products.

A video background is also suitable if you are selling products. Seeing how other customers use the product, a visitor gains visual experience.

Demonstration of a lifestyle encourages possessing similar things – this is a classic of video marketing! Such a video can convince a client who has not even read a single line on your site!

Example #3: Services#2: positive experience (events, tours, hospitality).

The background video can convey: it wakes up an adventure spirit and feeling of pleasant impulse in the customer’s soul. It is a good idea to use background videos for specialists that are working in the B2B sector (event and reception organizers, catering, еtс.).

Restaurants, hotels, museums, shops can also benefit from using a background video.

Example #4: Video storytelling (show a short story that will make customers smile)

The task of storytelling in the video is to attract the visitor with the help of the exciting story with «live» heroes, create sympathy among the target audience.

An incendiary story with the hero of our time – that’s what struck a chord and becomes memorable. So tell your customer a fun/touching/charming story (big brands use this method every time!).

Note: do not choose a video background only by the criteria for the beauty of video clips. It should be relevant to the site and the business as a whole.

Of course, a nice video will make the site more interesting for someone. If the video is relevant to your product/service, it will become a powerful marketing and branding tool.

When you should NOT use a video background on your site?

Keep in mind that even an interesting video that is relevant to your business may become a wrong decision!

When you need to focus on very specific things, too «aggressive» background video will attract the attention that you need. That is why it is better not to use a background video on a page with a range of services or products that need to be clarified to the audience. In this case, a calm watercolor background is one of the best options.

Like any marketing tool, a video background should serve the best user experience (UX). And UX-design assumes consistency and does not tolerate contradictions.

Conduct UX analysis of the site and avoid goals that can lower the user experience.

Four golden rules for background videos

Rule #1: Use video backgrounds for a specific purpose.

A background video should strengthen your brand or idea of ​​the site. For example, an accountant should not show the landscapes of the Swiss Alps. Even though they are beautiful, they have nothing to do with his profession. 

The inappropriate picture is confusing – visitors wouldn’t understand what is being suggested here – camping equipment or, maybe, a special vacation program in Switzerland?

An effective video background is that background that complements the mission of the main page and the website itself.

Rule #2: Videos are great, but don’t let the background distract the visitor from the content.

Background video presentation of the business should not distract visitors from the important content: otherwise, you have a poor UI/UX. Take care of the necessary contrast, visibility of CTAs and navigational elements.

How to do that? Use one of the options or their combination:

• choose a contrasting color for the content: make sure the contrast of the text/buttons/icons is sufficient. The white logo and typography are more noticeable in a dark video background; and if you choose the light background, the contrasting color will not allow the content to merge with the background;

• lighten or darken the video: detailed texts on top of a vibrant video are difficult to read (even with good contrast). So you need to reduce the color saturation. Lightening/darkening the video background will help to soften the picture a little;

• color correction with tinting in contrasting colors: video processing with superimposing shades gives a similar effect. Additional bonuses: you can customize the section for design, set the style using the colors of the brand, expand the palette, create associations, show personality;

• texture mapping on the original video and other effects: effects are widely used in video advertising. You can use them to design a background video on the site. But keep in mind that you should use only professional video editing and video processing tools;

Use abstract geometric background videos, that wouldn’t distract visitors from the content. By the way, this is the best option if you like cool geometric backgrounds, but you want to try something new like the video background.  

Rule #3: Create a short looped video.

The main concern of website owners that use background videos is the page load time.

Don’t add a movie over 2 hours long: create an attractive snippet, take the most important points from your video material.

Also, in order not to lower your rankings: reduce the weight of the video file. Loop the video, creating the illusion of continuous video playback.

Rule #4: Remove the sound.

Autoplay videos with sound on the website are annoying. Remove sound from the video or mute it! Set the music playback with a delay and smooth scrolling.

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