WHAT IS eLearning DeSIGN?

eLearning Design is increasing in demand. With many of us working from home, eLearning has become even more convenient for organizations to make the switch from face-to-face learning to eLearning. It can offer huge savings in both time and money, as there’s no need for travel, facilities, or facilitators. Learners can complete the program anytime and anywhere, making eLearning an attractive solution for busy and geographically dispersed audiences.

When moving online, there are some key design elements to keep in mind to ensure your eLearning programs or startup which are effective and hit their targets.

What does quality eLearning look like?

Focuses on learning (not purely aesthetics)

Authoring tools are becoming more user-friendly. With elements that flip, expand, pop, flash, pulse, sound, and move, there’s no shortage of interaction on the learner’s behalf. However, make sure you don’t get too carried away with the bells and whistles. Effective eLearning uses adult learning principles to shape not only the flow, content, and assessment, but to ensure each interaction is intentional. 

Designed for today’s learners

Today’s learners are busy! Bite-sized eLearning allows learners to complete small sections at a time. 

Many of us work non-traditional work hours and from multiple locations. eLearning is flexible, meaning learners can complete programs on the train, at home or while waiting for a coffee.

eLearning is accessible which lends itself to being a great tool for just-in-time learning. Learners will have the information they need right at their fingertips which they can access when they need it.

Brings learning to life

Effective eLearning design uses videos, audio files, and scenarios to contextualise learning. It makes connections between the content and the learner’s world; incorporates activities that encourage learners to reflect on past experiences, their thoughts on the key concepts introduced, or how the learning relates to their workplace. It supports learning transfer by providing opportunities for learners to implement their learning in the workplace through embedding activities.

Delivers content creatively and effectively

Quality eLearning uses a variety of interactive elements to engage learners and deliver content effectively. It uses a variety of visual and auditory elements. Effective eLearning incorporates videos, photos, audio files, hot spots, tables, diagrams, and Infographics to cater to different audiences and make learning interesting. It tests learners’ knowledge using sorting activities, matching activities, scenarios, fill in the blank, hot spots, and multiple-choice questions. Links to further resources are provided so that learners can explore if they’d like to learn more.

Instructional Design Australia’s recent projects

Over the past year, Instructional Design Australia has applied quality eLearning design to produce the following programs:

  • Contact Tracing in six languages (Healthcare industry)
  • Induction program and Leadership training (Death Care industry)
  • Managing Ill Passengers (Transport industry)
  • Dwell Management (Transport industry)
  • Smoking cessation care for Indigenous women who smoke during pregnancy (Healthcare industry)
  • Improving access to health services for people with a disability (Healthcare industry)
  • Recruitment program (Healthcare industry)
  • HR System Replacement (Power industry)
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (Healthcare industry)
  • Diabetic Eye Disease (Healthcare industry)
  • Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) (Healthcare industry)
  • Mindfulness (Healthcare industry)
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) (Healthcare industry)
  • Induction program (Healthcare industry)
  • Induction programs for youth workers, including WHS, incident management, and managing challenging behaviors (Public sector)

If you’re looking for an experienced team of eLearning Developers to create an effective online learning solution, contact Instructional Design Australia for a free quote.

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