The Development of Technology in Health; the Life and the Future

The process of technology development has been affecting a lot of field, a lot of sectors, because a lot of factors. One of those fields that has experienced the penetration of technology digitalization is health. One of the influences that can add more medium in health field is the occurrence of so many applications for health that can be accessed through smartphone or tablet.

For example, in developed countries, nowadays, the process of ears check-up or children hearing can already be done with smartphone. Through the wares, the doctor will diagnose any infection inside and can prepare for the exact further treatment for patients. The more the occurrence of mobile application in health field, the easier it will be to have a more nice treatment for patients.

What’s the Benefit Then?

A researcher from Rock Health has found that nowadays there are about more than 12.000 applications related to health digitalization. The patients have now learned to follow the trend. Rock Health as a digital health ecosystem service provider explains the power of health treatment using mobile and its affect towards the technology in health field.

The appearance of health treatment industry nowadays have made significant steps among so many health service provider. The researchers have found about more than 74% small and medium medicine treatment and also the room for dentists will use tablet in a few years later. Even, there are not less than 39% doctors who have used some curing applications for their daily activities.

The use of technology in health field will surely decrease the expense for health treatment and also increase the scale for health expertise to help more people. The benefits are more than helpful to think about. People around the world, and in some part of the world, are in the danger of health caused by wars or their economy itself. Having the technologies will surely make a giant loop.

Will It Be A Huge Changer Then?

Truthfully, a technology in health field is not to change health treatment. It is a part of that supplement of process in health itself. But it is true to say that the mobile applications have some communication factors that are better between health expertise and their patients alone. To think of this statement is not something difficult to grasp; it is simply the way the patients, the doctors, and the apps get together.

But it is also possible that in the future, health treatment can be done through the use of smartphone or tablet. The reason of this is because the purpose of this digitalized health is to practice medicines and also to support public health through mobile wares. Thus, there are some of mobile apps that relate to that thing. The categories are complex. But the way the apps work will just turn everything alright.

What are the categories? The categories include chronic disease management, treatment rules, patient monitoring health, medium of communication between patient and health service provider, personal health management, the reference for health support tools, and others. So then, what can the mobile do related to that? The ware can be used to minimize the process of treatment and also the process of disease curing.

What Are the Specific Examples?

First, they can probably use the apps to diagnose, take notes and to cure the disease suffered. Second, they may also take benefit from the fitness apps. They automatically find a partner for doing their workout routines. The third, they can use the apps to maintain their lifestyle. They are able to know the amount of calories, as well as the nutrition they consume every day.

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