7 Plumbing Problems That Can Halt Your Business Operations

Running a business comes with many challenges. Not only do you need to handle the business aspect, but you must also manage your premises. This means ensuring your infrastructure along with its plumbing systems are in perfect condition.

If not dealt with immediately, plumbing issues can cause a major dent in your company finances. In worst case scenarios they can force you to halt production. Imagine the cost of lost business if this happens.

This is why it’s important for business owners to conduct regular preventative plumbing maintenance on their properties. And this means hiring a reputable commercial plumbing contractor to handle the task.

Call a plumber right away at the first sign of any of the below mentioned plumbing issues, to protect your business.

Are You Experiencing Recurring Drain Clogs?

Recurrent drain clogs are usually a sign that there’s a problem brewing within your water pipes. Restaurants in particular are at a higher risk of experiencing such issues, especially in their sinks and dishwasher water pipes.

Make sure you call in a plumber the moment you notice that the water in your sinks is moving slow or clogging repeatedly. Failure to attend to this situation timeously may result in damaged pipes which will be costlier to repair.

Quick tip: It’s important to teach your employees regarding proper disposal of food or greasy substances. This means dumping such items in the sinks is a big no.

Clogged Toilets

Along with blocked drains, clogged toilets are likely to affect most businesses. Given the number of both employees and customers alike that use these facilities throughout the day, it’s not uncommon for clogs to occur.

It’s no secret how such a scenario is undesirable for your business. If the situation is left unattended to, you may be forced to close your doors because it becomes a health hazard.

Quick tip: Again, it’s important to educate your customers about what can and can’t be disposed of down toilet drains. Sure, it might seem like general knowledge, but there’s no harm in refreshing their minds.

No Hot Water?

Unlike on residential properties, hot water in certain commercial businesses isn’t a luxury but rather a necessity. Businesses such as medical practices and restaurants are required to have hot water by their respective governing authorities. Failure to comply to set regulations may result in the business being closed temporarily until the issue has been rectified.

To avoid such extreme measures, contact a commercial plumber the moment you start experiencing hot water supply issues.

Quick tip: to minimise heat loss, consider insulating your hot water heater or replacing the unit entirely. Alternatively, you can opt for a tankless water heater which is known for its energy efficiency.

Damaged Water Pipes

Damaged water pipes can cause massive structural damage to your premises if they burst. Anytime you notice the formation of mould and mildew on your building wall make sure you call a plumber right away.

Mould formation is a result of leaks in your plumbing system and needs to be attended to in time.

Quick tip: if you don’t rectify the situation in time you may end up having to pay more for invasive repairs to your plumbing system.

Water Leakages

The minute you notice water leaking onto your building kitchen and bathroom floors, make sure you contact a plumber. Such leaks are usually caused by damages in either the O-rings or seals of your water drainage pipes.

Quick tip: make sure you find a qualified plumber to conduct routine inspections of your faucets, sinks and toilets to ensure everything is in perfect working order.

Internal Leaks

Not all leaks are visible to the naked eye. Sometimes internal leaks could be happening within your plumbing system. In this case, water appears to be running even when the taps are turned off. This means that there’s some form of water wastage that’s happening within your plumbing works.

One sure way to confirm this theory is if you notice a sudden unexplainable hike in your water bill. If this problem is left untreated it can result in structural damage which will be expensive to fix.

Quick tip: find a reputable plumber to conduct thorough inspections on your plumbing system regularly to ascertain any sign of internal leaks.

Stains and Odours

If you notice any strange odours coming from your restrooms, it’s time to contact a plumber right away. Besides, leaving the situation unattended will do nothing for your business image—not forgetting atmosphere.

Bad odours are usually as a result of clogged up drains or toilets. Aside from unpleasant odours, you may notice stains on your restroom walls. And that’s never a good sign. Such stains are usually an indication of leaks within your water lines and as such need to be attended to quick.

Quick tip: avoid trying to address the problem yourself with drain cleaners. Chances are they might damage your pipes. And besides, you really don’t know what the root cause is.


From the above it’s clear that businesses can’t afford to take chances when it comes to plumbing issues. Immediate action is necessary at the first sign of problems. Better yet, regular preventative plumbing maintenance must be a prerequisite for all businesses. Your customers and employees are counting on you to do the right thing.

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