4 Common Pests in Australia – How Pest Control Removes them For You

Although Australia has many very threatening insects indigenous to the region, there are some bugs that are simply annoying. These insects will invade your stored food, eat through wooden fixtures and build nests around your home.

Fortunately for Australian locals and visitors, you can always consult a pest controller to remove the bugs for you. It’s best not to try removing the pests yourself because you may not be able to get rid of all of them and they’ll simply multiply again.

So if you’re visiting sunny Australia for the first time, here are four common pests you may encounter. We will give you information on how to prevent these vermin from invading your home and how pest control services will remove them for you.

1. Ants Will Construct Nests Under Your House

Out of all the pest species, ants are the most common and can be found in homes, office buildings & even restaurants. Ants are primarily attracted to the food and water sources you have in your home.

Ants build nests under your home and when they travel to find food you may see them walking in a straight line up walls & on floors. When the ants are travelling they leave an invisible pheromone line so other ants can travel the same route. These pheromones lead other ants to food and water sources.

These pesky little critters can enter your home through the smallest cracks and holes. Some even dig through floorboards and in between tiles. When you find these holes, you can sprinkle ant poison over them to prevent them from coming through, but it won’t get rid of the ants permanently.

You can prevent ant invasions by doing the following:

  • Keeping dishes clean
  • Clean up beverage spills immediately
  • Wash bottles and tins before throwing them in the bin
  • Seal any cracks around the home that ants can get through

Ants burrow deep within the ground so it’s difficult to kill them yourself; you won’t have the correct tools or chemicals to penetrate their nests. Pest control services know exactly where to find the ant colonies.

Trained pest controllers will use liquid sprays to penetrate the nests in areas that are difficult to reach. They ensure they kill all the ants, so the bugs don’t build new colonies and nests.

2. Some Spiders are Poisonous

There are many spider species found inside Australian homes. Some can be poisonous and others are harmless. Spiders commonly found inside the home can survive months without food or water and they prefer less humid conditions.

Spiders are considered beneficial pests because they eat insects, but most people prefer not to have spiders in the home, especially if they’re threatening. Here are common spider species to look out for:

  • Whitetail spider: These spiders are not poisonous but they’re commonly found on clothes and in corners of the home to find shelter from the rain.
  • Red-Black spider: Only the female bite is poisonous. These spiders can be found near logs, next to garbage bins and pot plants
  • Huntsman spider: The bite of the huntsman spider has low toxicity for humans. They are typically found in gardens in search of food.
  • Wolf spider: These spiders can be found in gardens and burrows under the home. The bite of the spider is poisonous but not lethal.

Most spiders don’t like the scent of peppermint oil and citrus. You can spray a solution containing these fragrances around doors and windows, but it’s not suitable to keep spiders away long term.

Pest control services will spray an insecticide around the common entryways spiders use to keep them away. Insecticides will also be sprayed around areas where there is webbing and around the parameter of the home.   

3. Cockroaches Breed Fast

Cockroaches are another pest that is a nuisance because they breed fast. If you don’t handle a cockroach infestation immediately they will swarm your kitchen and run all over your counters & dishes and get into your food. They are typically found in kitchens, bathrooms and restaurants.

The cockroach can adapt to any environment and they’re extremely difficult to eradicate because they build nests in walls, under floorboards and inside ceilings.

You will probably only see the cockroaches at night because they are nocturnal. If you see one during the day it could be because of overcrowding in the nests, which means you might have a serious infestation problem.  

Pest control will find the source of the nests and treat the areas with a spray. The spray will penetrate the entryways of the nests and kill all the cockroaches living inside. It’s advised to stay away from the treated area for at least an hour after extermination.

4. The Dangers of Wasp Nests

You should never try to remove wasp nests because these insects can be dangerous in large swarms. If they feel threatened they will attack you. You will find wasp nests under roofs, in small cavities around the home and in the ground.

Professional pest controllers will safely remove the wasp nests around your home. They have the correct gear and tools for the job & they know how to remove nests so as not to disturb the wasps. It’s always best to call in a professional to do the job for you, especially if the pests cause a threat to you and your family.  

Final Thoughts

Other common Australian pests are termites and rodents which are also difficult to remove. It’s advised not to use rat poisons or pesticides yourself because it can disrupt the habitat of all creatures around your home.  

Exterminators are licensed professionals that adhere to Australian regulations when controlling your pest problem. Opt for professional services so they can get the job done fast, effectively and also safe.

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