Things to Do While in an Awkward Phase of Growing a Beard

When you’re very angry, and you don’t know how to express your rage, your impulse might tell you to shave your hair. You feel good for a while, but you eventually regret your decision. Since you already shaved your head, you have no choice but to wait for your hair to grow back. There are awkward phases to go through before you achieve the desired length again.

When you wish to grow a beard, it could be the same story. You will go through a stage where it’s a bit awkward. You have no choice but to be patient until the desired length is there. While in the awkward stages, these are some useful tips to follow. 

Just let it be

It could be weird at some point because all the hair doesn’t grow at the same rate. The unevenness might make you look bad, but it’s part of the process. Avoid trimming your hair at this stage since it will take even longer to grow. You can start to trim the edges and even out the length if you’re close to the desired length. 

Use a beard shampoo

You can also hasten the growth of your beard by using beard shampoo. It helps in keeping the hair smooth and easy on the eyes. You can use other products, too, if you want to maintain the appearance of your facial hair. You can check out for details. 

Don’t scratch your chin

Growing facial hair can be quite itchy when you’re growing a beard. Don’t get tempted to scratch it hard. Otherwise, your chin will get irritated. If it becomes too itchy, you can consult your skin doctor to recommend a topical treatment. However, if your doctor tells you that a beard isn’t for you, it’s better for you not to grow a beard anymore. 

Explain to the people around you 

Before people start asking you why you look weird, you can get ahead and say that you intend to grow a beard. You’re in an awkward phase, and it’s okay. You’re patient enough to wait for a while until your hair is of the desired length. The moment you tell your friends, they will laugh at you or even mock you. Don’t get discouraged about growing a beard because of these comments. You already decided to grow one for whatever reason you have. Just stand by that decision and wait.

Proper facial care is necessary 

You still need an overall facial care routine, both day and night, so your face looks smooth and vibrant. You don’t want to look old and tired just because you’re growing a beard, or if it’s in an awkward stage at the moment. 

You will eventually get through this phase and look great. You need to maintain the length so you will still look tidy. If you eventually get tired of your beard or you think it’s not for you, it’s always possible to shave and start over. 

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