Connect Your Comcast Cable Box to TV in a Proper Way

Technology, such as cable television, has adapted itself very nicely in the world of entertainment. Also, there is no need to worry when installing cable box to your television as Comcast requires connecting only a few wires for getting crystal-clear picture quality through your cable box in the form of hundreds of channels or call on Comcast Xfinity cable support number for detailed instructions.

You can call a technician to install the system to make sure everything works perfectly fine without any signal issue with the wired connectivity. There are instances, where you need to install the cable box on our own, such as when you need to change your TV location to another room or wall.

Here are Some Quick Steps to “Connect your Comcast Cable Box to TV”

Install Cable Box with Coaxial Cable

Step 1
Take your cable box near the television. Now, spot the location of the cable from where it is coming on your wall.

Step 2
Take out the cable from the wall. Check for the inlet point labeled with “RF In.” Then, align the cable correctly by tightening it.

Step 3
Take out a cable from the point “RF Out” and plug into the “Cable In” point right at the back of your TV set and screw the cable tightly to ensure proper connection. The terminal point looks like a threaded stud placed at the back of your television.

Step 4
Switch on your TV and go to channel 3 as this is the channel for your cable broadcast.

Step 5
Plug in the TV power cord to an electrical outlet after setting up the cables. Check for batteries in the remote, which requires two “AA” batteries. To turn the cable box on, press the “Cable” and thereafter, press “Power” button from the remote.

Step 6
By following these simple steps, you can make your cable connection run smoothly or you call Comcast support for more help &guidance on tech issues.

How to Install A/V Wires?

Step 1
Plug in audio/video cables to your Comcast cable box. Identify the right color code to place these wires to their correct position just right at the back of the box. The red wire is for the red terminal on your cable box. Likewise, the yellow one should be plugged into the yellow terminal.

Step 2
Hook up the cable box to an electric outlet to plug in the power to the A/V cables.

Step 3
Look for the input button on your TV remote, press the button to enter to the “Input 1” on your TV screen.

Step 4
Switch on the Comcast cable box using your TV remote and let your cable box to initiate programming through the set-up process. You’re done! In any kind of tech-related queries, you can simply give a call on Comcast Xfinity Customer Service for help.


Finally, adjusting your cable box settings will give you a clear signal and all wire connections will work fine. Consulting your technician or Comcast support team can give you a better idea about how to connect Comcast cable box to your TV set.

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