Which Type of Flooring is Best for Stairs?

There are a few different options when it comes to flooring for your stairs. However, each option is going to vary and be better for certain people. For example, not all people want carpeting in their home, especially on their stairs. Plus, on the other hand, not all people want hardwood on their stairs. It is all preference and we are going to talk about which one is best and why. We are also going to discuss the few options available to you as a consumer. 


If you would like carpeting on your stairs, you should choose short carpeting. You want something dense and short so it can last through the traffic. You should also install a heavy-duty pad underneath the carpet to help it last. With that being said, carpet is not the best option because it can become stained and be hard to keep clean. 


This option is one for those who do not mind a little chillier option. Tile can be made of ceramic or natural stone. It has many design possibilities such as different colors, shapes, and sizes. This is a way to add some uniqueness to your stairs. It is not the best option because it can become dirty fairly easy. Plus, if you have natural stone, it can be harder to clean. Not to mention, it can be cold on the feet. 


This option gets you the look of wood but is less expensive. It is also easier to maintain compared to hardwood flooring. However, they may not last as long. Plus, installation can be harder than installing any other type of flooring on a staircase. Depending on your stair’s dimensions, installing laminate flooring could be a serious and daunting task. 


The best option for a staircase is hardwood flooring. It is one of the most popular items used to install on stairs. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t trap debris or dirt. Plus, it adds a sense of elegance to the home. You can also choose engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood provides the same benefits of natural hardwood with a twist. This type of hardwood would be more resistant to scratches, moisture, and dents. With that being said, engineered hardwood is one of the most expensive flooring styles to buy. 


Hardwood flooring is the best option whether you choose natural or engineered hardwood. The benefits outweigh the only negative, which is the price. However, depending on where you get your flooring, it could be just as cheap as other options. Not to mention, hardwood is a great and elegant option that will pay for itself over a short time frame. 

If you are looking to purchase and have hardwood flooring installed, you should contact Urban Design Floors. They specialize in hardwood floors and can help you decide on the best color and flooring option for your space. Installing hardwood flooring and picking out a design doesn’t have to be a hassle. Especially when you are talking to experts! 

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