When is a good time to repair or replace your windshield?


A windshield is an important structural part of a vehicle. It protects the occupants from accidents. If you have owned a vehicle, you might have had come across with a crack or chip in the windshield at some point. Your windshield is one of the primary areas of the car because it is where you look through it when you are in the wheels. Such crack occurs through rock debris that strikes your windshield while driving. It can also be caused by a ball when the car is parked in the neighborhood, or the extreme heat sometimes causes it.

When to repair or replace the windshield?

The chip should be taken care of immediately. If you see the small crack is turning into a large one or it is constantly distracting you while driving, then you need to address it for a repair. Well, you can always repair the small crack by yourself with the DIY kit, or you will need to go to a professional. Many people get confused about whether to repair or replace, thus allowing the auto glass company to replace. This is because the auto glass company confuses and convinces the customers for a replacement for a new windshield.

First of all, try to figure out whether your cracked windshield needs a repair or a replacement. When it is taken for a replacement, many glass companies do not give the same quality as the original windshield. Also, the price is higher, but the product quality is low.

With a cracked windshield, you will be violating the law. Also, the crack obstructs your view while driving. You may not be able to see a moving object/person in front of you, which may lead to an accident.

Listed below are the different types of damages that can occur in a windshield

Star break forms an outward from the center forming a star shape. This crack needs immediate attention as the cracks can spread across the windshield.

Bull’s eye (circular) – It is similar to the bull’s eye in a dart board which occurs when hit by a rock in a circular shape. This damage can be repaired if the size is small. If a big chunk of glass is missing, then you will need to replace it. Half moon shape is a semi-circular shape. It is also caused by a circular object.

Combination crack – This is caused by multiple damages like cracks, ding, etc. It can be repaired only if the damage is not deep. But if the damage is deeper than a replacement is required.

Edge crack is the most common crack which occurs two inches from the windscreen and moves toward the middle. This is usually 10-12 inches long, which you may need to replace.

Stress crack occurs due to a sudden change in temperature in the windshield. For example, if you keep your car in the sun without any cover for long every day, there are chances of getting cracked due to heat. If it is a minor crack, it can be repaired.

All these cracks if you want can be repaired by you. Always keep in mind that your windshield can be repaired by you, depending on three factors: size, depth, and location. But you can only repair the windshield if it is made of laminated glass. Side windows and back glass are made of tempered glass; hence, they need to be replaced.

Replace your windshield if the crack or chip extends to the outside edge of the windshield if the crack or chip is very deep.  If you spot a chip get it fixed immediately or else it spreads in the screen and later needs to be replaced which is expensive.

Some advantages of repairing the windshield

Several reasons are there why you would opt for repair rather than replacement.

  • Repairing will allow you to keep the original glass quality and factory seal. Furthermore, repairing does not show the scar it gives a new look. It is only visible to people who know and are looking up for it.
  • The faster you repair the windshield, the better for security purpose. Repairing can stop the crack from spreading further in the windshield. If a windshield has cracked, it will most likely shatter. To avoid cuts or even worse be sure to pay attention to even minute chips.
  • It is less expensive. Repairs are cheaper than replacement. Also, if you can repair the entire glass, there is no need for replacement, even saving you the expensive cost.
  • Repairing does not take much time too. It can be done in an hour or so.
  • Most importantly, you will be favoring our blue planet as the glass need not have to remove or else to replace will end up dumping in a landfill.

Process of repairing

First of all, check out if your insurance company covers the repair. If so, how much it covers. The policy will differ from company to company. Many insurance companies would like to repair rather than replace as it is more expensive.

Either you take your car to the company, or the auto glass company will send a technician. The technician will use a specialized tool and inject some resin into the damaged area and fill the crack or chip. Afterward, it will be under UV light to dry and harden and restore the glass like a new one. It is a simple process and will hardly take an hour or so. It will leave a small flaw but is not noticeable. Repairing will prevent further cracking.

If your windshield can be repaired, do it immediately, as the small chip might spread out more, causing you more work. If the crack is small, you can seal by an acrylic adhesive or filler. Small crack repairing kits are available in auto shop. If you are unsure of the kit, please do hire a professional for the work.

Any windshield repair should not be ignored. You can seek immediate attention either from professionals. A good choice can be to check firms that use windshield repair marketing for their company. This will make it easy for you to locate them.

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