Tech Aficionado, Ahavel Aborishade, Talks About the Most Valuable Tech Skills to Acquire in 2019

Technical skills are more critical to master now than ever before in the modern workplace, and those tech skills are not confined to the IT field. Whether you work in marketing, advertising, sales, administrative or other fields, a grasp on specific tech skills is vital to get the job done.

Here, tech-savvy entrepreneur, Ahavel Aborishade, shares valuable technical skills you need to know for 2019:

  • Troubleshooting: Nowadays, the use of a computer is necessary for almost every job out there. When things go wrong, most companies will have an IT department that is available to help resolve the issue, but for fundamental problems, you should have the know-how of how to fix the error. The ability to troubleshoot technical glitches you may encounter shows an enhanced level of critical thinking skills and ability to take the initiative in problem resolution.
  • Microsoft Office: From Microsoft Word to Excel to PowerPoint to Outlook, when going into the workforce, you will need to have a tangible understanding of how to use the programs for optimal efficiency. Many companies and small businesses alike utilize Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to keep track of budgets and inventory. Proficiency in creating charts and tables as well as using the formulas within the software is an essential skill that many employers are looking for. Outlook remains the standard for inter-office communication and familiarity with its processes is yet another skill to master within the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Social Media: An inescapable advent of the modern world, social media is everywhere and knowing how to use it to catapult your company’s presence and to engage with your customer base is a critical skill to have. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the mainstays of social media within the western hemisphere and provide an outlet to reach millions of people. Someone who knows how to use the marketing potential of social media is an invaluable asset to any employer.
  • Adobe Suite: There are certain jobs in which knowledge regarding the Adobe Suite of applications is more beneficial than others—fields such as graphic design, web design, and editing. However, listing a proficiency in some of the key Adobe Suite programs such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator can be an attractive demarcation of technical prowess in your resume.
  • Web Design: Being able to design and maintain webpages is a multi-faceted skill that would definitely offer you a leg-up in the employment race. Java, WordPress, and Dreamweaver are all programming skills that are associated with web design. Proficiency in any of these programs and the ability to create and update your company’s web presence is a skill that is certainly of high value.

In the technologically oriented world at large, having a basic grasp of the technical skills mentioned above is necessary when you are in the job market. The more effective and proficient you are at managing tasks within Microsoft Office or the Adobe Suite, and the more critically able you are in managing errors by troubleshooting, the more attractive of a candidate you appear to be. Web designing, Adobe Suite utilization, and social media marketing capabilities are also skills that are becoming increasingly more sought after in the present workforce. By learning these essential skills and revamping your resume, you’ll have prospective offers galore. 

About: Ahavel Aborishade is a business leader, tech aficionado and an emerging entrepreneur in the technological world. Focusing on building a better future for those around her, Ahavel uses her passion for technology and community to create nuanced applications that enliven daily experiences. In her time away from innovating and lending her talents in the business arena, Ahavel enjoys being one with nature and enriches herself with the practice of yoga and spin cycling classes. Ms. Aborishade is also very fond of exploring new cuisines and culture and can be found venturing into eclectic restaurants. The life Ahavel Aborishade leads is a demanding one, but she lives fully and with the pursuit of making a lasting difference.

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