How To Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, making the most of the cabinet space is the intention of a majority of homeowners. Finding enough space to fit in the dishware and cookware as well as the supplies is a challenging task. Do you need to store a lot of items in the cabinet? Usually, the cabinets are always full in the kitchen and you seem to be looking for more space. For enhancing the storage space in the cabinets, there are numerous ways you can try. The major challenge comes from the increased size of the products that are stored inside the kitchen. 

The following are a few clever tricks to apply when you want enough storage in the kitchen cabinets.

1. Using the cabinet doors and the sink space 

Can you imagine utilizing the doors of the cabinet for storage? You can install hooks inside for lids and pans along with the spoons. Alternatively, you can add racks to store many things such as small boxes and things wrapped in plastic. The countertop is always available and fixing an extra board on the top can be used for chopping vegetables. 

2. Organizers inside the cabinet

Nowadays, you will come across racks and dividers for storing the trays and other utensils, so you can store them inside the cabinet for organizing the things instead of storing the things in a haphazard manner. Similarly, you can also get organizers in durable metal that are specially designed for the pans. Using them can resolve your issues to a great extent. Apart from this, pot racks are also available for storing the pans for the cabinet space. If the ceiling is low, you can also install the sink over the kitchen sink for the best results.

3. Unique drawer dividers

The drawer divider is another unique option to use to maximize the space you need to store inside the cabinet. The moveable and the adjustable dividers can be lengthwise or as you desire allowing you to make the space small or large based on the number of items you are planning to store. When you make the space small, it is the right option for storing the smaller items in the kitchen such as the tea strainer, which may be hard to find when you leave it in any area.

4. Hanging the mugs

For Kitchen Cabinet Renovation, you can install hooks for hanging the mugs below the cabinet while the dishes can be stacked inside. You can change the mugs and use them alternatively if you want.

5. Making the shelves rolling

Often, a great deal of effort is needed to access some of the items that may be at a height and tough for you to reach. Installing rolling shelves is the best option for you to make all the items within your reach. Usually the edges of these shelves are low, so things will be easy for you to handle.

6. Organizing the cabinets with bins

Bins are the prefect option for making the cabinet more spacious for you to view the products and to put them back in the right place.

7. Pull-out drawers 

When you pull the drawers out, you are in a better position to select those items you need for the day. Whether it is the ladle, pan, or containers, you can choose what you need anytime without seeking the assistance of the rest.

8. Separating the items with risers

Often, you will have vertical spaces inside the cabinets inside the kitchen that stay empty because you do not know what to do with them. The best option to deal with this space is to keep a riser, so that you can avoid pulling out something from the middle such as a dish from the stack and break the rest.

9. Ultimate storage option

There is no dearth of options when you are planning to make the storage space inside the kitchen more organized. However, a lot will depend on the things you need to store. Right from the dishes to the pans, pots, spoon, and mug, you have to consider every aspect in mind before designing the kitchen to maximize the storage option. While squeezing more space inside the cabinet, you can keep your options open and the rest is going to fall in place.

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