Waking up at Just the Right Time: 4 Benefits of Sleep Tracking Apps

Nearly all medical professionals can agree that sleep is a necessary part of a healthy person. However, there are individuals that do not require as much sleep as others, and there are more people that require more than the recommended amount of nightly sleep.

There are a number of sleep tracking apps on the Internet that will help you count the number of ZZ’s your logging each night, but are they really that helpful? For more information, go to conservehealth.

Here are 4 benefits of sleep tracking apps:

1. Your Personal Sleep Number

As stated before, not every individual requires the same amount of sleep each night. The best way to determine what your optimal amount of sleep is would be to take an average of several normal nights of sleep. By normal, we mean during an average workweek, not including the weekends, because most people stay up later during a weekend.

Once you have several nights of sleep tracked on a particular app, you will be able to average them for the number of hours that are best for your nightly sleep. Of course, this number could change if something changes in your life, such as a move to another house, additional stress, or a different job.

2. Identify Problems

By tracking your sleep, you will be able to identify problems with your sleep. Perhaps you wake at the same time each night, or you are restless at a certain point in the night. These could be a simple issue like being too hot or too cold, if that is the reason, a simple adjustment to your room temperature is all that is needed.

If you are experiencing pain, such as restless leg syndrome or something similar, you will be able to take the tracking data to your general practitioner. With your doctor’s help, you will be able to set a plan of action to combat your nighttime pain.

3. Major Adjustments

You may be able to determine if your sleep disturbance is caused by someone or something else in the bed. Tracking your sleep with and without sleeping with a partner, or a pet can be helpful. There are times in which an individual sleeps better in their bed without someone else; however, having a pet or a partner in bed can be a great comfort. This is something the data cannot determine, your peace of mind as part of your comfort level.

4. Making Changes

When an individual is presented with written data, the proof is indisputable and can help lead to needed changes. Changing long-term habits can be difficult at times. By tracking your sleep, the time you get into bed, the time you actually fall asleep, the amount of sleep, as well as your time of rising, you will be able to determine whether or not you need to adjust something.

You may need to experiment with different sleep tracking apps before you find the one that is right for you. But tracking your sleep is something you can do to help your overall health. 

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