The Most Dangerous Jobs That Could End with Death

All of us certainly need a job to live our life. We usually do our best to keep this job as possible as we could. However, it is crucial to remember that job is not the only thing we have to concern. While working, we must also pay attention to our own safety. There is a number of jobs that require this matter as a priority. Here are the most dangerous jobs that we must carefully do.

Construction Worker

It is not a new thing anymore that this is one of the most dangerous jobs all over the world. Construction workers usually have many different kinds of field to work at. Not to mention, they must also have to involve things like height, heavy machines, and even some explosives. What could happen with these things? Well, they might slip from a top floor of a building, or they could get crushed while using heavy machines. So far, there have a large number of death occured in construction site. Statistically, it is about 18.3% out of 100,000 people die here. Therefore, preparing safety for this job is a number one focus for sure.


Some of you might be confused with our choice here. Among of all dangerous jobs, how come a farmer can be included too? Well, it is true, people. As a matter of fact, the death level is approximately 38.5% from 100,000 farmers. One of the reasons of this percentage comes from the application of tractor. If we do not operate it carefully, a tractor can smash our body into pieces. In addition, we all know that most farmers must use chemical substances like pesticide to get rid of pest. Long-term chemical contacts might be bad for their healthy.


As you have guessed it, roofers works on the the top of our house or a roof. This job can be dangerous since there are many things to concern. For example, they have to be careful with slippery and slopping roof or unstable footing. It is more harmful if they have no safety belt attached on them. Additionally, this job requires them to use both of their hands. Hence, it is quite impossible to use one hand to hold themselves. Once they lose their balance, they will fall and cause injury or even death. Factors like schorcing sun or windy weather can create an accident too.


Being a fisherman means that we are ready for many deathly challenges. This job usually involves the application of big and heavy nets. Sometimes they also have to transport heavy load in the open sea. Other things like slippery deck, storm, rain, or large waves must be dealt with too. Not to mention, many deadly animals are swimming around the sea. With these all factors, no wonder it is included into dangerous jobs list.

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