Pack in Play Mattress

There are many kinds of mattresses to choose for your baby. Pack in Play Mattress is one of those kinds. It is quite different from other mattresses. The reason is that it has different shape and size. It has more round corners. A Pack in Play Mattress can also not fit into a crib.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

As the name suggests, these mattresses can be used to play on and can also be packed when your kid is done playing on it. It can be also used to sleep on but if you are buying it for sleeping purposes then there must be some things to consider before buying such as:

• You should buy the size that would be the best for your baby. Buying a bigger one would be okay but buying a small one would be a problem.

• Consider the right amount of thickness for a Pack in Play Mattress. If you are using it for a baby that can roll over or crawl, too much thickness would be dangerous as the baby can fall and get hurt. But buying one with very less thickness will be uncomfortable.

• Pack in Play Mattress has different level of firmness on different sides. Use the firmer side for infants, and as they will grow use the softer side.

• Buy a mattress that is lightweight, so it would be easier for you to lift it up.


You can use a Pack in Play Mattress at different times. For example, when you are cooking, cleaning, taking a shower or doing other house chores you can put your baby on a Pack in Play Mattress. It will be safe for the baby as there are no chances of the baby falling. And unlike putting the baby on the ground, the baby won’t feel uncomfortable either.

When you are travelling, a Pack in Play Mattress is extremely useful. You can take it with you and use it for the comfort of your baby.

Pack in Play Mattress is great for small houses as cribs are too big for them. It won’t make the room look too filled.

Easy Cleaning:

You can use a sheet or cover to keep it clean. Using the recommended type of cover is suggested. You can also get a customized zip-off cover for easy removing and washing.

Which one? Foam vs Spring?

Pack in Play Mattresses also have two varieties, including foam mattress and spring mattress. The foam mattress is a better option for your child as firstly it would be lightweight, secondly it would be less complex and lastly it would be close to the ground and spring mattresses are usually very thick.


Maintaining the condition of the mattress and making sure that it is safe for your baby is quite easy. You just have to make sure that it is bacteria free.

Don’t leave any stain unwashed on it.

Don’t change your baby’s diaper on it.

Make sure to use a sheet or cover and wash the sheet or cover after every two days.

Keep it in a clean space.

Final Thoughts:

You can definitely buy a Pack in Play Mattress. Just make sure it is comfortable enough for your child and as far as safety is concerned then most of the times it depends on where and how you put it. As far as I have seen, it is safe to use for a baby.

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