Different Types of Mattresses Explained

In this article, we will explain the different types of mattresses there is out there. This article isn’t going to help you choose the best memory foam mattress or bedding but aims ateducating you about the different types of mattresses you can buy on the market today.

The decision for what mattress to choose depends on your needs and preferences.

Let’s get started.

While there are plenty of factors that can deny your quality of sleep, one culprit that is for sure going to keep you tossing and turning in the night is the mattress you sleep on.

Well, you could have a cooling blanket; that is if you sleep hot. 

You could also keep electronic gadgets away a few hours before you go to bed, but if the mattress you sleep on doesn’t offer the support and comfort needed, you will not get a good night’s sleep.

There are many types of mattresses available on the market these days but not all are good for everyone. For that reason, you need to understand the differences so that you can pick the suitable one for yourself.

Here are the common types of mattresses you need to know.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses were introduced by NASA. These mattresses are made with sturdy and high-density polyurethane foam to make them last longer. They are more durable than innerspring mattresses.

If you suffer back or neck problems, a memory foam mattress would make the best option for you. This mattress will envelop you and make you feel snug.

Hybrid Mattresses 

Hybrid mattresses use steel coil support system like the innerspring but with a difference in that. Hybrid mattress could contain memoryfoam, gel or even latex to make it supportive and comfortable.

Hybrid mattresses are sold at a slightly higher price, but the longevity and durability they offer is worth it. These mattresses also offer comfort for people who struggle with back and neck pain.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are perhaps one of the oldest in the mattress industry. These mattresses are made with steel coil support system with springs connected into one unit. They are also durable and offer a comfortable sleeping experience.

They are also the most affordable mattresses, although when it comes to quality, memory foam mattresses take the first seat.

Although these mattresses are sold at a budget-friendly price, they might not make the best option for people who have back and neck problems. They also tend to wear out quickly thus not ideal for you if you do not plan to buy another mattress any time soon.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made using natural resources. Surprisingly, these mattresses were first made and sold in the 1960s and are still affordable and durable.

With a latex mattress, you have a long-lasting friend. It’s also the best mattress that supports you without placing excess pressure on your hips. This mattress also offers maximum support and proper alignment of your spine. This way, they minimize pain in the lower back.

The plentiful options of mattress types out there can make it difficult for one to choose the right mattress for their needs. But having a good understanding of each one of them can simplify the selection process. We hope this article has helped you to make a comparison and buy the best one for you.

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