4 Steps to Help You Become a Strategy Consultant

Strategy consultants, also called management consultants, aim to develop the business, improve organizational efficiency and in turn increase the company’s revenue.  While some opt to work for a company full-time, most consultants prefer to be their own bosses and be self-employed. This allows for flexible work schedule and foregoes the usual tedious eight- hour work shift. However, self- employed strategy consultants must work doubly hard to build their web of connections and establish a strong client pool.

So how does one become part of the strategy consulting business?

1.    Get a diploma.

While hiring requirements vary by client, educational attainment is essential for future strategy consultants. Some clients are good with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, while some do require applicants to have a masters degree tucked under their corporate belts. It is imperative for consultants to learn and be familiar with complex business terminologies and technology necessary for the job.

2.    Experience is definitely a must.

You cannot consult on something you are not an expert on. Familiarization with the job, knowing the ins and outs of the business and years of experience make up a good strategy consultant.

3.    Always update yourself with current events and business trends.

Strategizing and crafting a development plan for a business entails knowledge in current business trends, the flow of the industry and sometimes even the current political issues the business sector is facing. So, make a conscious effort to always be on top of the current news.

4.    Build your network of connections and establish a strong client pool.

Because connections are important, in any profession actually, meet with different business heads and executives so you can meet future clients and partners. Always be professional towards your meetings, and it would also help to research the background of their business. Know your client and show them that you can be the solution they are looking for.

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