6 Once Popular Movies Genres Hollywood Doesn’t Make Anymore

popular movies geners

In fact, watching movies gives us a lot of benefits. Each type of film represents a social problem, a thought, a particular meaning. It is these contents that reflect on the viewers’ perception that they are curious and excited and receive and think about the issues hidden in the film while their emotions and thoughts will also change. When you laugh comfortably, the stresses, the pressure will settle down; that is the great effect that comedies bring to you. Thus, it is true to say those good movies will inspire you in life and work.

Movie genre is a basic method to classify movies. The definition of a film’s genre is based on many factors, the most important of which is the movie script, another way to call it is movie content. Here are some basic types of movies that are divided based on the above criteria.


Cartoons or animated movies are a form of using optical illusions of motion because many still images are projected continuously. To make such films requires a lot of effort and enduring the tedious work. Now, thanks to the development of computer animation, the speed of film production has been greatly increased.

It is true to say that cartoon is a kind of film which is born for children with cute, funny characters and no shortage of villains, ending the film is often a lesson for children about how to be a good people.

No one can ignore the well-known films in their childhoods such as Ratatouille of Pixar, Big Hero 6 or Frozen of Walt Disney Animation Studios,  Shrek or How to Train Your Dragon from DreamWorks Animation, Star Wars of Industrial Light & Magic, My Neighbour Totoro made by Studio Ghibli, so forth.

One Piece film is based on the same-name manga by Eiichiro Oda. Source: fconepiece.com

One good example of the cartoon is the One Piece film. This film is based on the same-name manga by Eiichiro Oda, which was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, first released on edition 34 on July 19, 1997. One Piece talks about Monkey D. Luffy’s journey – the captain of the Straw Hat pirates and his teammates. Luffy sought the mysterious sea where One Piece world’s largest treasure was kept, with the aim of becoming the New Pirate King.

Action film

The fact of the matter is that action film is a film genre in which one or more heroic characters are pushed into a series of challenges, often including long action scenes, violent elements and dramatic chases. Action movies often tend to describe a character who has the ability to struggle against utopian conflicts, including life-threatening situations, a villain or a pursuit. Action movies often have the end of fullness leaning towards heroes and villains who must receive tragic outcomes.

Besides, advances in CGI technology have made this type of film cheaper and easier to create the most beautiful and realistic action scenes and effects as possible. Nevertheless, action movies that use significant amounts of CGI have been mixed as movies using computer graphics to create non-reality, utopian cases often met with criticism.

Adventure film

There is no denying that adventure film is a movie genre unlike action movies, adventure movies often use action scenes to express strange and unique places. The main contents of this genre include the context of the quest for lost lands, forests, mountains or deserts, the characters will plunge into treasure hunts with adventurous trips. Adventure films are often primarily set in a certain historical period and are often based on historical stories or fantasy adventure heroes within history.

Adventure movies are often combined with other cinematic genres such as sci-fi movies, fantasy films and sometimes war movies.

Comedy film

Comedy film is a genre that emphasizes humour, these movies often have a happy ending. It is one of the oldest movies. Many movies are stories that are nothing more than entertainment purposes, and there are also movies that address political and social issues with deep sarcasm and mock.

Comedies have an unbelievable positive effect. That is the reason why comedy films are popular with many people because of their high entertainment, which helps reduce stress after each day of fatigue. It not only helps you relax by making you laugh loudly and comfortably but also helps you increase intelligence, especially in problem-solving skills. Unlike watching a movie full of suspense, stress or reading a long speech in front of the crowd that restrains your ability to solve problems, comedies help you relax, thus making it easy to reach personal skills.

Horror film

The horror film is a movie genre that gives audiences a negative emotion, gives viewers the most primitive fear through the story, film content, creepy, mysterious images, dim light, creepy sounds, lots of gore, death or startling scenes.

The former traditional horror genre often involves the intrusion of an evil force, the dark forces, etc. Topics or elements that are common in typical horror movies include ghosts, souls, torture, gore, werewolves, werewolves, ancient curses, talismans, demons, monsters, alien monsters, monsters from hell, vampires, etc.

Romantic film

Romantic film is the type of film that tells stories of romance with content that focuses on passion, emotions, and romantic emotional connections of the main characters and the journey that strong love, leg Their truth and purity have led them to date, flirting and eventually marriage.

Sometimes, couples who love each other in the movie will encounter obstacles such as financial, disease, various types of discrimination, psychological restrictions or family threats that demand to break their love. Like in all deep emotional relationships in real life, the stresses of everyday life, temptations like adultery also included in the plot of romantic movies.

Emotional films often explore important topics such as love at first sight, love between two people of the age difference, unrequited love, obsessive love, pure love, emotional heart spirituality, forbidden love, platonic affection, passionate sex, sacrificial love, explosive love and destructive, and tragic love.

Romantic film focuses primarily on a romantic story or the process of finding strong love. Source: quora.com

Musical film

The fact of the matter is that music films are a type of film in which songs are mixed in with characters, sometimes accompanied by dances. Songs often play a role in developing the story and characters in the film; Or sometimes it is just the interstitial lines in the storyline, in this case, they are often the careful and elaborate musical performances.

Thriller film

Thriller film, another name is a suspense thriller film, is a genre that evokes excitement and thrill for the audience. The suspense factor, found in most parts of the film, is often exploited by filmmakers in this genre. Stress is created by delaying what the audience considers inevitable and is built through threatening situations that escape seems impossible.

Thriller film is often crossed with other genres; Hybrid versions often include sensational action movies, sensational adventure movies, fantasy movies, and sensational sci-fi movies. The thriller also shares a close relationship with horror movies, both of which cause tension for viewers.

Movies is a colourful world in which each genre like colourful pieces of that world. The movie reflects the real life of people or people often borrow movies to express their aspirations, no matter what genre of movies it is, it is a world worth our time and discovery.

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