Key Qualities Of High-heat And Exotic Resins

Traditionally, plastic is not known as a very good heat resistant material. Appliances made using the material have constantly failed to stand up against the application of high temperatures. However, recent developments have changed this to a certain extent.

Technology has allowed us to mold resin materials into plastic efficiently. This has increased the strength and performance of the plastic and the appliances made by using it. Firms like Q molding apply various methods to mold these resin materials into the plastic. Some of these methods include plastic injection molding, liquid silicone rubber, over-molding, insert molding, plastic mold manufacturing, CNC machining, etc.

Some major quality factors attribute to the popularity of this material. In this article, we try to find and list some of these major qualities of high-heat

  • This molded output is capable of withstanding temperature as high as 572-degree Fahrenheit. These are particularly great options to replace metals as the main component. This is mainly owing to the lesser weight, chemical resistance, and sliding friction that the material promotes.
  • Factors like heat distortion temperature can be easily improved when it comes to high-heat and exotic resins. It can be done by adding glass or carbon to the material. 
  • To further strengthen the material, PTFE and graphite can be further added. This helps in improving the abrasion resistance, wear, and low friction of the material. These features are particularly popular in the case of aerospace and automobile applications.
  • The electrical insulating features of these resins can also be altered. This can be done to ensure better electrical behavior of the material.

The following are some of the factors you should keep in mind when you are selecting the ideal material. Resin is molded in different compositions and by different methods which makes every material significantly different from the other. 

  • Plastic can get degraded at places of high temperature. The resins are molded in the plastic to help prevent the same. The amount and nature of mold are different from every variant which grants them different qualities and capabilities. It is important to choose the ideal ones concerning the environment they are being used in. 
  • The rate of thermal expansion is significantly larger for plastic than the other metals. This is why it is important to check the coefficient of thermal expansion for the plastic and the metal parts with which it is supposed to be working. This checking helps to prevent any future issues concerning working on the machine because of thermal expansion.
  • Plastic can even show signs of stress relaxation when subjected to a higher temperature. This can be a potential issue in the future and can cause problems in working. Hence, it is important to consider this during the design process only.
  • Also keep in mind, that at the application of very high temperatures, plastics tend to soften and lose the strength. Repeated application of such a temperature might weaken a softer mold. Hence, select the mold accordingly.  

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