8 of the Absolute Best Spots for Techie Expats Looking for Work Worldwide

Perhaps the ultimate goal of any given expat is find a good-paying job, right?

That’s exactly why so many so abroad for tech careers, honing in on specialized skills that employers just can’t seem to fill in today’s rapid tech-focused economy.

There is certainly competition out there for those tech jobs, but expats with skill sets can net a nice salary that’s leaps and bounds above what you could potentially earn at home. This spells good news for those looking to maximize remittance payments back home and ultimately save as much money as possible in a new land.

Below we’ve broken down eight major hotspots that promote healthy growth in the tech sector and a willingness to employ expats. No matter where you might be considering settling down in the world, keep each of these places in mind.

The Bay Area (Silicon Valley)

No surprises here. Silicon Valley is always the go-to hotspot when it comes to tech jobs in the United States. Although not a city per se, the likes San Jose, Palo Alto and Santa Clara all boast their own bustling startup scenes which are progressive and friendly to expats.

Of course, San Francisco and its surrounding areas are notorious for their relatively high cost of living. But Such a cost is a small price to pay for many expats, though. With the area so welcoming to foreigners and boasting perks such as safety and a wonderful climate, the Bay Area is hard to pass up.

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For those who might have their hang-ups about living the United States, Toronto represents a clean and modern city with a booming tech sector. Adding approximately 22,000 tech jobs in 2017 alone, Toronto is home to a bulk of Canada’s IT firms and is in constant need of new talent.

As such, the country at large is explicitly on the hunt for foreign tech experts, recently piloting Canada’s Start-Up Visa program. The program notes the benefits of working in Canada including low taxes, low business costs and a high quality of life.


While there’s no denying Dublin’s status as a major city, it perhaps lacks the hustle and bustle of London and NYC as well as the high-pressure nature of Silicon Valley.

The city’s incredibly low tax rate is why the area is so enticing to companies like Google, Facebook and IBM. In fact, pretty much any major tech name you can think of has offices in Dublin. This represents a win-win for companies and potential employees alike.


Colloquially known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is an attractive option for those in a neighboring country who don’t want to commit to living in the likes of North America or Europe. Employing over one-third of all of India’s IT professionals, the fast-growing region is home to awesome infrastructure and has no signs of slowing down in terms of upward movement.


Ideal for expats already in Europe, London has historically been England’s tech hub and generally a popular destination for immigrants in general.

London’s own “Tech City” district speaks for itself, with the likes of Cisco and Intel setting up shop among other major names. Connected to London’s immaculate tube system, not having to worry about driving is a nice incentive for expats worried about transportation.


For those interested in living the United States that want to experience some Southern flavor, look no further than Austin.

Boasting a relatively low cost of living versus the rest of the cities on this list, Texas also has the added bonus of no state income tax. The city is home to the likes of Apple, Samsung and HP, signaling its own status as the proverbial Silicon Valley of the South.


Another option for those in Europe, Amsterdam is a laid-back city with a rich history. Brimming with startups as well as huge names like Netflix and Uber, Amsterdam is a far cry from the traditional hustle and bustle tech hubs are associated with.

New York City

Home to “Silicon Alley,” New York City has a massive economy in general and its tech sector is no expectation to the rule. NYC is the place to be for those interested in IT and telecommunications, as well as those looking at work at Google’s giant office nestled in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

If you have your heart set on a certain city or country to call home as an expat, it never hurts to have a backup plan. Given that there are so many amazing tech opportunities out there worldwide, finding the right fit doesn’t have to seem so daunting.

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