The Value Of Partnering With A Strong Importer

For value-added resellers with ambitions to expand and take their business overseas, it’s imperative to prepare for what is often a complex global distributions process. IT equipment for example is heavily scrutinized at foreign borders and resellers who are exporting these goods must take extra care to obtain clearance. Unfortunately, even those with the best intentions can slip up and make mistakes when filling out the accompanying paperwork. This is often due to lack of experience; between the sheer amount of documentation to prepare and the unique stipulations each country has, small missteps happen, but even these are enough to cause costly and unforeseen delays.

To save themselves time and stress, it’s recommended that resellers partner with an expert who can take charge of the process — which will help you reduce costs when importing items into foreign countries. TecEx for example is one company with the power to act as an Importer of Record in over 120 countries. They can take responsibility of not-for-sale items, such as technologies being leased to clients internationally, ensure clearance, and see they reach their indented destinations upon being awarded entry into the country. Their experience also makes preparing the paperwork simpler and they can take this on as well, ensuring all required customs support documentation, commercial invoice, and freight delivery waybill are ready and correct between 1-3 business days.

Once the package is shipped, resellers can track their goods through an online portal and liaise with their client services executive until the shipment clears. Upon arrival in the receiving country, this importer’s on-the-ground team works with the reseller’s preferred forwarder or freight service ensuring it arrives safely at the doorstep of their international clients. They even provide their own couriers to make the process easier should resellers choose to make use of them. They consistently offer best lead times, promising compliant clearance within 10 days but have been known to achieve it in less, even when dealing with challenging countries like China, India, Brazil, and Russia.

Apart from alleviating hassle, this company also saves their reselling clients money by only charging landed-cost quotes irrespective of any changes that a country may make to its importing and exporting laws once the quote is accepted. They also apply for import tax recovery on behalf of the client, guaranteeing these funds back within six months from 40 of the countries where they regularly do business. This used to be the price a company had to pay if they wanted to do business globally and expand their networks; with the help of an expert in imports though, these taxes are returned in full.

Value-added resellers must not underestimate the amount of work that goes into exporting controlled-use materials, like computer software or IT equipment. Without sufficient know-how, there’s the possibility of making honest mistakes which unfortunately can prevent equipment from arriving when it’s supposed to, and spoiling business relationships with clients overseas. Rather than taking such a risk, resellers should allow a solid importer to guide them through the process, guaranteeing compliant clearance at customs every time.

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