Best Startup Business for College Students

The incredible high profile success by young business founder such as Mark Zuckenberg that have made founding college start up business increase attractive career path for college students. With the developing of start up business, schools knows it and trying more from creating accelerators, competitor, and class for design students that will get ides off the ground. As the result, there is a lot of example of students that not waiting until they graduated to starts their start up business. They use their entire connection in college and support their business with creating fascinate start up business. Some students find prospect business in most unlikely places such as toilet roll paper and other from ides that convert business to global portions business.

Cheap start up business ideas

If you are thinking to start up your business, you can work in spare time, and do not need huge investment; these ideas are able to practice. First is lawn care. The seasonal job good for someone who likes outdoor and can start with affordable fliers, business cards, and lawnmower. Next is homemade gourmet food that perfect for love cooking college that able to turn into full time business. Next ideas is virtual assistant for someone who like to organizing things, weeding pass email, post to social media and keep people on their schedule. Pet groomer and pet sitting is increase faster since 2012. This is potential market since many people are do not have much time to accompany their pet to walk. Next, delivery service that makes you able to know entire town places.

5 Cool College Start Up Business

Zac Workman owns ZW Enterprises from Indiana University. Start with energy drink that made from natural ingredients and do not have any crash effect with sugary and high caffeine such as other common beverages. He works with his family punch fruit recipe that has good taste and satisfied diet requirement.
In the tender age of 14, Jessica mah from University of California, Berkeley sold her first company that rent server space for small business. After that, she set up her next company and starts to blogging about business and technology from young perspective.
Ben Lewis, from University of Pennsylvania borrow his friend’s dad office warehouse space and start selling give water bottle from his car trunk. The bottles water brand a portion of donation to each sale in local charity. Customer are able to choose where the donation goes depend on the color label that they buy. For example, green label fund to environmental causes and pink for cancer breast research.
Green Mobile from University of Missouri start in 2004 where the owner has hobby to shop online in eBay and find that he are able to get profit from buy old mobile phone and resell them. He starts his own website to market refurbish phone and make a kiosk in local small mall.
Caroline Rooney launched her upbeat T-shirt line that sold primarily in her own website and independent sales representative in seven college campuses, includes her college, University of Michigan. They donate 20%% from their profit to three charities. For marketing, the owner maintain facebook page, hold event in Campus Greek organization, and speak with club meeting and assemblies.

Tips to start your College Start Up Business

When you start your start up business, do more with less. With limited resources, this will afford you to more creative to work. Next, after start your business, don’t go with it alone, surround with best team that able to overcome the obstacles that come into company starts. The most important things is you should have a plan for money making actually. Educate and always learn yourself with future potential problem, such as negotiating and competitor beat. The last but least, you are still students, so do not forget your homework and finish it while you run your business.

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