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As laymen, when we receive a sudden response when we send a text message, email, or a call to some marketing department or organization; we often wonder how this automatic response is generated. How do they respond so quickly to each and every single bell? We often set up our own vast organizations but do not know such tricks. This led me to explain you a bit in detail.

What are Marketing Automation Tools?

Marketing Automation Tools are software’s, which store automatic response, or set of procedure, or some outcome of a task. These are automatic responses generated by a software which has replaced manual responses; hence reducing human error. The markets usually get repetitive tasks, such as emails, texts, calls; such tasks are handled by Marketing Automation Tools. Every time, a human is not required to respond separately to each text or email whatsoever.

Types of softwares:

Such softwares are three in types:

  • Marketing Intelligence tracks the behavior of social media users. It then accurately predicts which product or service are the users more interested in.
  • Marketing Automation is used to store a response in the form of email, message, etc. That is generated automatically when a specific path is followed by someone.
  • Advanced Workflow Automation monitors and increases the efficiency of internal marketing functions. It is also a kind of automatic tool.

Tasks of Marketing Automation Tools:

  • Analyzing and developing campaigns related to marketing
  • Storing and organizing customer data
  • Managing marketing campaigns
  • Keeping leads and customers in touch

GetResponse Marketing Automation Tool:

Here is what you were looking for. GetResponse is one of the leading Marketing Automation Tool that assists you in your business. If you have a huge business to handle single-handedly, this tool is designed for you. It not only assists you by automated responses but also guides you with ways to grow your business. Plus it significantly saves your time.

It began providing quality service in 1997 as an email marketing software provider and has now expanded to 350000 customers and 300 staffs’ network.

Features of GetResponse Marketing Automation:

  • Email marketing is what is offered by all Marketing Automation Tools, this doesn’t make GetResponse stand at distinction, but GetResponse offers tagging and scoring too and let you make the emails more directed and relevant in terms of its subject and object. You can use HTML to create your own template, or choose from its 500+ built-in templates; without paying any additional penny.
  • GetResponse offers you to create a handy planner for you to keep track of the marketing strategy, and plan it. It comprises of conditions, actions, and filters:

  1. Conditions include: Subscribed via, Link clicked, Message opened, Custom field changed, If tag, If score, Purchase, Abandoned cart, Visited URL.
  2. When conditions are fulfilled, any of these actions can be taken: Send Messages, Copy to Campaign, Move to Campaign, Custom Field, Wait, Tag, Score.
  3. Filters are the targeted emails sent to chosen contacts only; so that they are opened for sure: Range, Amount, Dynamic segment, Campaign.
  • Landing Page Builder helps you to  create landing pages that attract visitors to your websites and turn them into customers. Be a bit more technical, design your web, build a catchy template, jot down pros, and target human interests! GetResponse landing page builder makes it quite easy with its drag and drop functionality. It offers many built-in templates too.

  • Another outstanding feature, let’s say distinction of the GetResponse software is the Webinar software. This allows you to host your online polls, meetings or seminars. It does not require any login by your attendees to attend the webinar. You can later calculate the statistics of the participants. This saves the time of attendees as well as yours.

  • How does GetResponse assist you in learning the behavior of your website visitors? Well, it consists of a feature known as Website Traffic Tracking. This tool analyses the behavior of customers and then you can compile statistics to learn the behavior. Then you may improve your page based on the stats. You can also send emails to the customers relevant to their interest.
  • All the best results are never achieved upon the perceptions, rather on the feedback that you get when you assume things are going right! What does GetResponse offer you to get your customer’s feedback or opinion? Well, it can conduct Online Surveys. You can now ask the question through this feature and create a poll. Within no time, you will get answers. Usually, customers do not spare any moment to rate something or jot down their feedback; but when online polls are conducted, they achieve more response comparatively.

  • GetResponse also grades the performance of its pages like A Grade, B Grade etc. this feature is called A/B testing and analytics. This feature lets you screen which page is leading ahead and which is lagging behind. You can then sort it out. It also provides stats on a number of things like comparing email, segmentation, stats of subscribers, etc.

  • You can now accommodate any app out of 137 apps to integrate with your GetResponse. If you find difficulty in finding the desired app, seek help from GetResponse by submitting an application. This is called integration.


There are different price ranges for different levels of tools offered by GetResponse. The level 1 tools for Email marketing software only cost $10 monthly; while other tools in level three range from $200-$895 monthly. So apart from business, investing a bit in automation tools is not a bad idea either!


GetResponse stands in your shoes that’s why it offers a complete package of all the needs, requirements and necessities of building a successful online business. It is ranked as world’s number one and easiest email marketing software. It is your prime partner in any business.

You can get a free trial for 30 days. Use GetResponse, build satisfaction, and build your business.

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