Cheap Ways for Small Businesses to Advertise Online

Large business commonly uses banners and printed advertisement to introduce their products or services to the people. However, it is a type of expensive advertisement that is not suitable for small businesses. There are many other options to advertise online that can give you the biggest return from the cheaper investment.

Advertise on Google AdWords

The SEO specialist at WordStream named Andrew Riker said that Google AdWords and Pay per Click (PPC) can bring great sums of traffic as long as you run the niche ad group and fit with your campaign. Make sure you have long tail focused keywords that are exact to your business so you can get greatest click rate possibility and also the in turn conversions. In this kind of advertisement, you don’t have to invest in large amount; the budget is just about $10-$20 per day. It is enough to bring many traffics and leads in relevant ads. Visit the official blog of Google where you can leran more about AdWords.

Advertise on Facebook

Advertise online on Facebook can become one of the most effective advertisement because the advertisement can provide the most focused customers. The specific demographics allow the advertisers to identify the unreached people and the platform provided enable advertiser to reach the people. The targeting system will make smaller the consumer clicks that just need to browse some information but demand advertiser to pay more. Many advertisers have been successful with the Facebook ads investment with small budget but getting more targeted customers. Even most people don’t purchase immediately for the ad, they are liking the business so the advertisers can have potential customers database.

Advertise on StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Ads is another way to advertise online so you can get website traffic. The ad cost is just as little as $0.05 per click and $5 when the website receives 100 unique visitors. This type of ads is perfect for big promotions, giveaways and contests.If the promotion content successfully gets many likes, free traffic will be received from Stumbles. Moreover, it will last for months, even when the ads have been stopped.

Online Publishing

Publishing some articles that may be interesting for your customers is also another great way to advertise online. Choose reputable websites to submit the articles, such as ArticlesBase.Com, EzineArticles.Com, TheFreeLibrary.Com, etc. Every article submitted will bring a couple of back links; it will provide potential traffic, leads and also help establishing your expertise in certain field.

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