Get This: 5 Ways To Make Money Out Of Your SEO Expertise

According to the theory of Stephan Spencer, a columnist: Consultants who are helping their clients get rich aren’t the best SEO practitioners in the world, it’s the clients themselves.

Or if they do have clients, they find efficient ways to get them on performance pricing model so that they can share with the upside of the clients.

The Proposition

Now, maybe you’re asking yourself, how do these rock-stars SEO experts win their clients? The answer could be a combination of different things. They could be sellers of info products, lead generators leveraging SEO expertise or they could be a mix of both. Take your cue from successful practitioners and learn how they face the field.

You can compare the concept mentioned above with building an asset that generates income. Something that makes money for you while you are sleeping, the value appreciates (increase in monetary value) even if you’re not putting effort or time on it.

You can compare the concept mentioned above with building an asset that generates income. Something that makes money for you while you are sleeping, it’s value appreciates (increase in monetary value) even if you’re not putting effort or time on it.

Now, enough for the little trivia and let’s go further about how you make your expertise in SEO an asset and monetize them to generate good income.

SEO Technologies As Assets

Investing in technology that works well with SEO could be the first thing that you want to invest to. Well, why not? It’s very timely and relevant.

You can venture on technologies that can generate money for you while you are sleeping. For example, a reverse proxy technology that will pay you on a cost-per-click basis for SEO.

WordPress plug-ins could be an asset that you can develop. You just need to hire an offshore developer programmer to do the technical stuff for you.

Websites And Their Possibilities

Regardless if it’s a community site, content site or an e-commerce site, a site can generate a passive income for you.

You can utilize the website’s financial advantages into a profitable one. There are many options to choose from, none of which are mutually exclusive. You can sell hard goods and digital products like e-books, and the best thing is they don’t even have to be your digital books.

Beware though; you have to be careful with warehouse and inventories. Have your manufacturers or distributors drop your goods into digital shipment or forward them directly to the merchants to complete the purchase through affiliate links. You can also source products and send them directly to Amazon’s warehouse as an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller.

There are alternatives that you can check too. You might want to consider selling your digital or physical goods to the website mentioned above. You can create leads and sell them through or directly to intermediaries. You can sell direct advertising or sponsorships or take donations.

You can even make money from Google AdSense, which is the easiest way for beginners. Monetizing your user’s clicks comes in a different package, it’s all up to you on how to use them to your advantage.

Proximity Generates Wealth

There’s another fundamental concept you need to patronize in wealth creation besides the value of assets over your selling time. Proximity can mean power.

The idea came from Tony Robbins, the best-selling author of Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. His concept is a simple one to grok. It states that when you are near to successful people, it puts you on a new trajectory.

When you are near to outstanding people, there’s a high probability for you to learn crucial distinctions that shorten years off to traditional career path. And, the most important thing is you’ll get the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from them – making a fortune. Another benefit of being part of a group of successful people is that their attributes will rub off on you.

To achieve the proximity that we are talking about, you need to attend events or join groups which the successful people gravitates. Of course, the only dilemma with rubbing your shoulders to these people is that you have to spend more money on a daily basis. Everything depends on you.

Information Products As New Assets

The beauty of selling information products is that you can price them according to the value that they give to the viewers or readers by achieving a particular goal. In short, you are selling the results.

Creating information products is not the same as publishing a book. Selling your expertise on a printed book through a traditional publishing house is not an effective way to monetize your knowledge in SEO.

It is better if you sell your knowledge in digital forms because they are cheaper and does not involve shipping or inventory costs. Although, a printed book is not a bad idea at all. You just have to think of it as a big business card.

Accepting Your Mission

You could spend lots of years to become an SEO expert in NYC, Australia or UK. Now, you’re standing on a crossroad between working in-house and put all your skills to build and grow someone else’s business and working for an agency, devoting your time to help clients do the same.

Maybe, you are a consultant, or you’re starting a company, but still, you are trading money for time. This means that you only make more when you work more which puts your fate to the whims of your clients who may drop you at a moment’s notice.

Your last option could be turning your expertise in SEO into assets where you can sell at scale and keep the money flowing while basking on a well-deserved month off. The choice is yours to make.


Whichever is appealing to you, the most important thing is you know where and how to start. Helping others to grow their businesses is a good business ethics but then again, for how long are you going to suppress your chance to build your own empire? Ponder this, and maybe, you’ll arrive at a likely conclusion the next day!


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