Google AdWords for Your Business Advertising

Adword is one of products from GOOGLE that has a purpose to advertise an advertisement or to show our website in the google search. For this purposes, you will pay for each advertisement that had been choosen by someone. So that, make an advertisement in Google Adword is such a good desicion. I think it is an effective way do tue save our money, because you have to pay when the link is clicked by someone, or we called it as pay per click. It is different from the other advertising program that urged you to pay no matter whether the advertisement is visited or not, because in the other advertising program you have to pay based on how long the advertisement is being show.

Google Adwords is one of a marketing digital strategies that using search engine Google sites. One of the elements that make this Google Adwords become interest is a significant result. With the statistic feature that provided in Google Adwords, it can show you how effective the advertisment that you paired.

That statistic feature will also show you how much thay you will pay per advertisement and how many visitors that visit your websites. It may very useful to fix all of the mistake in marketing strategies and maximize the costs that you will pay for the next advertisement plans. There are many advantages of using Google Adwords.

google ads

Google Ads

google adwords campaign

Google adwords campaign

By using Google Adwords as online promote application so that the possibility of people will see our online business is bigger than using the other advertising program, because Google has the biggest search engine and the number one in the world that almost the most of internet user using Google as search engine application. The cost for each advertisement is various, it depends on the keywords that you use. If the keyword is already used by many others, so that the costs will be higher.

Google Adwords is also provided a “bid’ system, the one who does a highest bid, so that the advertisement will be in the top or the first position. But I suggest you not to use this Google AdWords if your economics are not as good as you competitors, if you bid $1 and ten other advertisers bid $2-$10 each, it is unlikely you will get any clicks on Google. And if you don’t understand search engine marketing, you will likely cost yourself a lot of money. The other advantages of using Google Adwords are the flexibility of it. You can set your advertisement setting by your own. Not only in local, but you also can promote your product in the whole world.

To enroll in Google Adwords is very easy. You have to use your Google account or your gmail Google Adwords. There is various methods for the activation that you can use, like using your credit cards or transfering by a local Bank. If you decided to using your credit cards, there is two ways. First, by postpaid (we will pay after using credit cards) or by postpaid billing (we will pay or doing deposite before we use the credit cards). By knowing how to get click with a cheap costs and has buyer targets, absolutely if we decided to advertise our product by online we can take advantages of it.

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