How Much Junk Removal Service Should Cost

Junk Removal Service

When you’re in the middle of a remodeling plan, landscaping, or house cleaning, you might need a junk removal service. Once you’re through getting all of the clutter out of your space, you’ll need a professional service to haul it away.

Getting a dumpster rental may be a feasible option to use during such decluttering procedures. However, people tend to believe that a junk removal service will cost them a lot. On the contrary, these services only charge you according to the level of junk that you have. The cost breakdown will largely depend on the information you provide. Therefore, try as much as possible to be precise and direct about your junk. Here are other variables that determine the cost of a junk removal service:


Some junk removal companies will charge you as per the number of hours they take at the location. The time taken can depend on a lot of factors, including the size of the junk present. The level of junk differs according to the exact clean-up exercise. It might be a simple sofa removal, or can be as complex as a deep-cleaning exercise. For the latter, workers will take more time at your location.

To limit any extra costs, make sure that you ask about their pricing scheme early on. Also, try and inquire whether they have any add-ons such as cleaning, aside from the junk removal service. In case they do, go further and ask whether or not they charge an extra cost for the additional services.

The Amount of Labor Needed

How many people will turn up for the junk removal service? The basic rule here is that the more the number, the higher the cost. Some junk removal services will need only one person and the job is through. However, others are a bit technical and can take as much as three or more individuals.

Depending on your level of junk, the junk removal service will let you know how many people you need. Basically, heavy and bulky junk will need more labor force. For instance, extremely bulky stuff like archaic furniture and pianos will need a higher labor force.

The Drop-off Fees

The overall cost of the junk removal service will cost depends on the drop-off fees. How much does the company pay for the drop-off? And where does it drop off recyclable items? You’ll get the answers to these questions by getting in touch with the company.

For the items that the company cannot recycle, they’ll need to take them to the landfill. This is another factor that may determine how much the junk removal service costs. Remember that local disposal fees are mandatory.


The volume-based pricing of a junk removal service is perhaps one of the more common modules. It is all about how full the track is. For instance, a dumpster company may charge you $597 for a full track, $400 for a half truck, and $177 for a sofa or old furniture. Of course, these rates will depend on the specific company you choose to hire.

If you have too much junk that goes beyond a full truckload, then it will imply that you’ll have to get another truck. An experienced company will give you an estimated quote just by checking the volume of junk present. It’s a more accurate approach than any other, even though some companies may still misquote.

A volume-based pricing variable often goes along with the time/duration-based approach. Typically, the standard time is one hour, regardless of the level of junk. In case the junk removal service takes more than an hour, then you’ll have to bear additional costs.


Some junk removal companies will charge clients depending on the weight of the junk. This is a more fixed way of pricing junk, which many clients tend to appreciate. It is equally fairer and more accurate since weight is a constant variable.

For instance, a dumpster company may charge a fixed price per pound. Therefore, no matter the quantity of your clutter, the price will depend on how heavy it is. The only downside here is that it is quite difficult for such a company to provide an upfront quotation.

However, they may provide a pricing chart that gives approximates for different weights. The best part, anyway, is that you will depend on science – hard facts and not guesswork.

The Location of the Junk Removal Service

The proximity of your desired junk removal service and your home or office will determine the price. This is why it is advisable to hire a company within your locality, rather than one that comes from far. Remote areas often foot higher costs for the junk removal service.

Besides, if you are living in an apartment on higher floors, the cost may also go up. This, of course, will depend on the specific company, and the size of junk.

Final Thoughts

The cost of a junk removal service varies based on different factors, as you can see above. Be sure to consult and do your research well beforehand.

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