Best Metal Cutting Methods: Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Cutting Methods

Metal cutting has come a long way. The emergence of CNC machining has resulted in increased accuracy and a faster production process. But a lot of things happen between getting blocks of metal and arriving at the final product. Things like deciding on the right cutting technique and getting the right sheet metal cutting machine for the job.

A commonly used equipment is the sheet metal laser cutting machine, this machine has witnessed improved performance through the involvement of CNC to the procedure. Fabricators often have to seek out the best sheet metal laser cutting machine to use for their operation. One of the best ways to do this is by having a deeper understanding of how this technique works. 

Types of metal cutting methods

Of the different metal cutting techniques, the procedure adopted can go a long way to affect your reputation as a fabricator. You can achieve better precision, efficiency, and even cut costs by picking the best laser cutter for metal.

  • Laser cutting technique: This technique uses a sheet metal laser cutting machine to target a beam of light (laser) with high power and density on a material, which eventually bores a hole heating to vaporization. With the movement of the laser beam to the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow slit (about 0.1 mm) to complete the cutting work.

There is a material thickness range required before this technique can be used, and it varies for different materials. Also, the strength of the laser from the sheet metal laser cutter defines how effectively it cuts. 

  • Plasma cutting technique: Plasma cutting technique involves passing negatively charged gas at high speed (speed of sound) over positively charged metal to heat it up and cut through it. The type of gas passed depends on the metal being cut. The technique is fast, involves a lot of heat, and is used for metals with a thickness, not more than 31.75mm.
  • Water jet metal cutting: Just like the name implies, it involves pushing a mix of water and abrasive materials at a sound velocity over metal so that it cuts through it. With this technique, you can cut up to 100ml of metal with precision.
Metal cutting

Metal laser cutting

Laser cutting technique is one of the latest and most popular methods in cutting technology. Compared with other mental cutting methods, laser cutting technique is characterized by high cutting speed and high-precision. With a sheet metal laser cutting machine, the laser is used to cut through metal by causing it to burn, melt or evaporate.

This sheet metal laser cutter can make use of CNC to achieve better precision for a design for the reason that the sheet metal laser cutting machine can focus light on a small area. The strength of the laser affects what it can cut through; different materials and their thickness will require different laser strengths. However, this method is slower and more expensive than other metal cutting methods.

Since various materials have their requirements, metal design cutting machines are used when you are dealing with homogeneous metal for the best precision.

Metal laser cutting

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