How To Create A Guest Room For A Last Minute Visitor

If you have somebody coming to stay last minute, don’t worry, these tips will help you create a guest room in no time. 

There are lots of reasons guests can come to stay last minute in our homes. Maybe they want to take advantage of the good weather and come to see you, perhaps they are on a business trip in the area and they want to stop by. Either way, they’re on route and now you have to make them somewhere comfortable and clean to stay with you. The problem is, your guest room looks more like a jumble sale than an inviting place to relax. What do you do? 

Don’t worry, we can help. Here are some tips to help you create a guest room for a last minute visitor:

Focus On Sleep

If you’re going to put your effort into anything, it should be on the sleep quality your guest is able to get when they stay with you. Try to clear enough space for a double mattress, whether that is from a proper bed, camping bed, or air bed. Pop the contents of your spare room into cheap self storage (see so you can quickly inflate a nice air bed for your guest. After they have gone, you can deflate the mattress once again. You might want to put a mattress protector on the air bed for even more comfort. 

Make It Hygienic

It takes no time at all to clean in time for a guest. The sheets you guest sleeps in should be clean, and you should have given the space your guest sleeps in a good vacuum and freshen up. If that means decluttering the area and popping a few things in local self storage, then it could be worthwhile. Dust and debris aren’t a comforting sight when you stay with someone. 

Keep It Private

If you are not providing a spare room for your guest, could you give them a corner of a room? Could you add a screen or a sheet to make the corner more private? The simplest additions to a sleeping space can make the biggest difference to a guest experience. 

Quickly Store Anything Breakable Or Valuable

Regardless of how well you know your guests, accidents can happen in a busy house. For this reason you should store anything breakable or valuable in your bedroom or in your cheap self storage unit. Quickly gather them and run them to your storage unit before you guests arrive, especially if they have children or pets coming with them, 

Freshen The Space Up

Wherever you are hosting your guests, try to freshen the space up. You can do this by cleaning the area, as we mentioned above. You can also add a pile of fresh towels to their bed, fresh flowers on the bedside table, and even some bottles of water for them to enjoy. These are simple additions that take a few minutes to do, but they have a huge impact on the impression you give your last minute guest as a host. 

The tips above can help you quickly prepare for a last minute guest. Utilise storage like a self storage unit to quickly create space. Then, focus on cleanliness and comfort to ensure your guests have a great night’s sleep. 

Soon enough you’ll be having a lovely time with your guests, making memories, and maybe even plans to switch and stay at their place soon so they can repay the favour. 

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