Great Hoverboards; Which One do You Prefer?

Riding a personal device to mobile in sidewalks and streets is something popular for millenials today. Hoverboard is the most popular device now. It is battery powered mobile device and some of them is designed with robotic intelligence. Riding hoverboard somehow makes adult looks like a kid, but many people love it for faster mobility. There are some options of hoverboard in the market, some information below may guide you to choose the best hoverboard.

Verrado Drift Trike

Verrado Drift Trike

Verrado Drift Trike

This electric tricycle belongs to good option of hoverboard priced about $1,199. It got excellent handling and must make everyone almost shocked for the power. Everyone doesn’t need to have training to ride it. Moreover, this mobile device enables he rider to race and drifting like riding a race car. Don’t forget to wear helmet and kneepad for protection. You also may not take off the brake.



It belongs to a better option of hoverboard which is priced at $400. The two wheels can firmly move on the ground. For beginners, one of the best hoverboard will be a little bit tricky to ride. It means you need to learn the tricks before riding. For example, you should step back to stop. The speed can reach between 1 mph and 10 mph. The comfortable feet pads are rugged, responsive and stable; sensitive enough to control the direction and speed on it. Swagway will be a perfect ride for children age 12 and up as well as adults. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your palm and wrist.

InMotion MoHawk V3

This is the best hoverboard to choose that is priced $699. It is just like riding a unicycle when you ride InMotion MOHawk V3. You can start quickly to ride it. The 11 mph speed, easily for maneuver on crowded sidewalks for the narrow frame and featured by Bluetooth speaker. It is great for commuters and also teenagers that love adventure. To ride InMotion MoHawk V3, don’t forget to wear helmet for head protection. Foldable helmet is a great option since you can place it inside your backpack easily when you don’t wear it.

InMotion MoHawk V3The three best hoverboards can become great options of mobility device to become amazing gift this holiday. Choose the best one for someone you are going to give the gift. Think about the function so it can be the right gift for him/her.

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