Get Invigorated by Planning a Day Trip From London


London is centrally located to the most exciting attractions and destinations of England. As a result it is the perfect base for planning the London tours. Recollect the learning experience of your high school World History class as history will come alive at every step of your travel. You will love to walk around the stones at the mysterious Stonehenge, admire the stunning Salisbury Cathedral and make a splash at the Roman Baths. Moreover you will be fascinated to see the renowned resting place of King Arthur and his disloyal queen Guinevere.

Let’s have a look at the tips for planning a day trip from London:

Book a Guided Day Trip

Try to book a guided day trips from London instead of a do-it-yourself effort. It is true that do-it-yourself option will provide you more freedom to explore the attractions of the English countryside. However, guided tours will make everything easy for you. If you take a guided tour you do not have to worry about getting lost or driving on the wrong side of the road. You only have to sit back and relax as the tour company will take you into a luxury bus or a shuttle smoothly to your destination. Furthermore your guide will provide you lots of historical anecdotes for keeping you entertained. The history of the places that you have studied will come alive in front of your eyes while visiting the English countryside.

Look for Public Transportation

You have to look for public transportation. The United Kingdom has a competent bus service and rail travel public transport system. If you want to reduce your expense and stay away from the hassle of renting a car, you can opt for a public transport. This will provide you more freedom for independent exploration rather than a typical prearranged tour. Browse the website of the public transportation for planning your trip from the beginning to the end.

Isle of Wight

The beautiful and restful Isle of Wight is located on the south coast of England. The most practical ferry crossing departs from Portsmouth to Ryde and from there you can discover the charms of the island by railway. A comprehensive bus service can transport you all over the island with Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor and the Isle of Wight capital town Newport being very popular tourist attractions.


Visit the famous university town and center of learning which is now enjoying city status. Departing from London Kings Cross railway station the journey to Cambridge takes about an hour. Discover the historic streets, take a punt on the river Cam or explore the pretty gardens.

Clacton on Sea

Enjoy a day trip to Clacton on Sea and discover the typical UK seaside resort. Trains leave from London Liverpool Street Station and arrive at Clacton about ninety minutes later. Clacton Pier and the Amusements are a ten minute walk from the station. The seafront rose gardens lead down to the beach and sea which is ideal for swimming and sunbathing in the summer months.


Located in the heart of Kent, Canterbury is famous for its cathedral and St Augustine’s Abbey. Kent is well Known as the Garden of England and is a producer of English wine. The Barnsole Vineyard near Canterbury offers comprehensive or short tours of their Vineyard and wine production area.

Opt for a Trip to Salisbury Plains

Plan your day trip from London to Salisbury Plains for visiting the outstanding Salisbury Cathedral. The 750 year old cathedral of the medieval era is only a 90-minute drive from London and it will make you feel captivated. The reverent cathedral takes proud of the largest spire in Britain and also of the oldest working clock of Europe dating back to 1386 A.D. Inside the cathedral you will find the 4 surviving copies of the Magna Carta.

Feel the Mystery of Stonehenge

You can also feel the mystery in the air at Stonehenge. It is a renowned prehistoric monument and it is not very far from the Salisbury Plains. Several mysteries surround this UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the estimation of the archaeologists, Stonehenge was created in 2500 B.C. and it was used as a burial ground by the ancient people. It is really a spectacular visiting site and your trip to England will never be complete without a stop at Stonehenge.

Explore the City of Bath

Take your time to explore the city of Bath. It is a site of historical interest. Here you will learn about the ancient spa and how it benefited the people in the medieval era. The City of Bath with its cobbled stone streets and quaint shops is a wonderful place for spending an afternoon.

Visit the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins

You should also not forget to visit the historic ruins of Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England. This Christian Abbey is more than 2000 years old and is said to be the burial ground of the legendary King Arthur and his unfaithful Queen Guinevere. You will love to hear the rich history of Glastonbury Abbey and about its connection to Jesus Christ from the costumed guides from the month of March to October.

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