The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having GPS on your Phone!

Have you ever got lost on your way? your GPS would have definitely saved your day in problem like this, the GPS service on your smartphone is actually the location service on your phone that tells you about the exact place you are at! GPS basically stands for the global positioning satellite service and this service is responsible for giving the right location and the right information of the place on the earth. Now you should know that almost all the smartphones today have the built-in location features in them. Today we are going to tell you all about the advantages and disadvantages of having the GPS/location services on your phone!

The Advantages of GPS on Smartphones!

The GPS services have many advantages, and some of the top ones are listed below, you can use these advantages while you are at it! first of all, the advantage of the location service is that it monitors your location and can help you with directions and in travelling. If you haven’t used Google maps, then you are missing a lot and if you have used Google maps, then you should know that the main feature on which the app depends on is the GPS service of your phone. The GPS feature of your phone is the one that tells the application about your current location and helps the app track your location as it moves along the routes in a certain direction.

You can also use the GPS service to share your location with another person but keep in mind one thing that you can only do it while having a valid internet connection. When you share your location with the help of social media tools like WhatsApp or snap chat, you will see that the other person will be able to track you and monitor your location service, this is very useful especially if you are in a remote area and you have zero experience in travelling over there. You can also use the GPS service to get taxi/cab services like Uber. These are the top and the most common uses of the GPS that you have or are experiencing daily!

Disadvantages of GPS on Smartphones!

If you want to know about fake ids and hacking, then you should visit the, now talking about the disadvantages of the GPS you should know that the GPS service must not be used at all times as it is not at all safe especially if you are using unsecured Wi-Fi connections on your phone. The reason that we are refraining you’re from doing so is that your phone can easily be hacked and your location can be leaked easily with the help of the GPS service on your smartphone. It is recommended that you should never use the location service while you are using free Wi-Fi as it can give access to the personal files on your mobile phone, which can create a problem for you!

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