WNY Holdings LLC Shares How Small Businesses Can Grow Their Twitter Following

Twitter has become a crucial platform for businesses looking to engage audiences. Much interaction on social media feels one-sided, with followers being asked to leave comments on a post. Twitter, though, is more interactive as frequent conversations can take place. Followers can get answers to their questions or deal with customer support issues quickly. Building your Twitter following can be tricky; however, digital marketing company WNY Holdings LLC shares some tips to help your business reach and engage with a highly targeted audience.

Promote Across Your Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build your brand, using engaging content to draw interest. Many blogs don’t take full advantage of the traffic they receive, though, with little promotion for their social media accounts. Rather than just placing a link somewhere on the page, add a call to action that directs people towards the Twitter profile. You can even embed a feed within the sidebar, giving visitors an introduction to your social content.

Link In Email Signature

Building an email list is an effective way of developing a long-term asset. Your list will often be used to promote products and build relationships, but you can also increase your social media following. Include a link to your Twitter account in the email signature, adding a call to action to highlight the benefit of joining. You could also add a popular Tweet to the email copy, so subscribers see the type of content they will find on your feed.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a useful way for Twitter users to find your account. Most small businesses will have an initial pool of customers who will seek them out on social media. A hashtag, though, can put your content directly in front of targeted audiences searching for related information. Another practical use of hashtags is to develop a unique tagline, allowing customers to post it in their user-generated content.

Improve Engagement

If you can’t get high engagement levels on Twitter, it will be a tricky task to build a following. It would help if you did more than post occasional Tweets to draw people to your brand. Engaging with followers is one approach, answering their questions promptly. There will also be conversations taking place about your niche, so you can get involved by offering a point of view that provides value.

Run Contests

Contests are frequent across social media because they can work so well. A typical contest on Twitter will involve participants Retweeting a message and tagging a few friends. If the competition works well, a large number of people will see your Tweet, encouraging a proportion of them to follow you. The prize doesn’t have to be particularly expensive, with the main focus being the relevance to your business. A highly relevant giveaway will reduce the number of freebie seekers, ensuring you get targeted followers only.

Network with Related Influencers

Twitter is built on interaction, so you can’t get the most from the platform working alone. The more you get used to engaging with others, the more your content will be shared. Interacting with influencers in your niche can lead to a growth in your follower count as audiences become familiar with your brand. You can start the process by Retweeting content on your feed and responding to posts with engaging insights.

Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. You can find audiences interested in a host of niches, with followers likely to engage more than many other platforms. In the past, small businesses would have struggled to find a following as users were less interested in branded content. However, WNY Holdings warns that the platform has changed dramatically and it is expected for a business to be active now. If you take the right approach to building a following and developing content, Twitter can become a hub for your business ideas, helping to build your brand the right way.

About WNY Holdings LLC

WNY Holdings LLC is a customer-focused digital marketing company that was started in 2018 to provide tailored marketing strategies for small businesses. WNY Holdings LLC helps restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers with all their digital marketing needs, from content marketing, web and graphic design, media creation, SEO, all the way to Facebook advertising.

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