Fuel consumption and fleet maintenance cards – How does it all work?

We live in the 21st century, where everyone desires a high-end lifestyle! The big companies and merchants have been working and coming up with services and products to make life smooth. And one such offering in recent times is the fuel consumption and the fleet maintenance cards. However, not everyone has the correct understanding of this card yet. 

What is a fuel and fleet card?

A fuel and fleet card are much like the small business fuel cards that gets used by small business units for fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and other repairs. The cards come with discounts that you can avail by opting in for fuels from selected gas stations, mechanics and also opting in for chosen maintenance facilities. The fleet cards have been designed especially for companies that make use of two or more vehicles. It is also perfect for companies that record consumption of 1,000 to 5,000 gallons every month. To know more on this, you can check out the Speedway credit card.

How does the fuel and fleet card work?

A company with a fleet and fuel card account can provide separate fleet cards to their employees and drivers. The employees can charge every vehicle-related cost to the fleet cards. The business will pay for the total outstanding balance. The employees are not accountable for this. The business owners can secure themselves by creating a fuel and fleet card limit and buying restrictions. It ensures that the employees and the drivers responsibly make use of the card.

Also, there are “in-network” gas stations that the fleet cards provide. You also have access to the maintenance units that you can select. There are mobile apps that enable the drivers to find these gas stations and other facilities. The choices offered in the cards are more than sufficient.

Furthermore, these cards are also taken to be a “joint liability.”  There are a few fuel and fleet cards, that sanction for the “only business” liability if specific standards get met. These criteria include the annual revenue and also the number of business years.

You need to decide whether a fuel and fleet card is perfect for your business. For this, you need to check your business requirements and the overall fuel consumption. If you think it’s wise to get a fuel and fleet card, you select the brand and card offerings that best cater to your company. Some of the best facilities of the card are as follows:

  • You can secure your fleet and also manage the expenses
  • You have access to the best quality products and competitive pricing
  • You can pay directly at the pump
  • Detailed and customized billing
  • Enables systematic vehicle tracking
  • Provides an authentic driver identity security
  • Correct reporting by driver, vehicle and the concerned department
  • Qualified users can leverage the tax exempted billing
  • Discounts on volumes for specific customers

The ace companies provide various other services and benefits. You need to research online and then select the one that best caters to your company needs and budget preferences as well.

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