The Here One Wireless Smart Earbuds

A year or two in the past, wireless headphones intended having no wires connecting on your music supply device, however there still be something connecting among the left and right-side earpieces.

Now, but, the generation of really wireless earbuds is completely upon us, with products from major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Then, there’s doppler lab’s Here One 3-in-1 wire-free smart earbuds.

The Here One just launched in Singapore earlier this month. Doppler labs, a technology company primarily based in San Francisco, describes their Here One as more than only a headphone.

Its’ a listening to system that promises top class audio, smart noise cancellation, and speech enhancement.


I lately reviewed Bragi The Dash, and the Here One shares some similarities with it: contact controls, multiple microphones, and an thrilling function that allow’s you hear the outside world on the headphones. It also has a charging case which itself has a built-in battery.

Although Doppler labs calls the Here One earbuds, they may be rightfully greater of in-ear style, no longer like say Apple’s airpods.

As with every in-ear headphones, a good match is important for each relaxed sporting and appropriate sound satisfactory. To this end, Doppler labs includes both silicon hints and reminiscence foam hints, each in small, medium and huge sizes.

As with all other in reality wire-less earbuds, i fear the here one would fall out from my ears. I would nevertheless be alternatively careful with movements, however in most other situations, the here one is light sufficient and fits sufficiently comfy to no longer fall out all that without difficulty.

The charging case doubles up as a sporting case. It would be best to use it, lest the Here One earbuds get lost to your bag. The integrated battery in the charging case provides some other 6 hours of listening time to the earbuds.

How long will it last

The earbuds on their own are suitable simplest for two hours of listening, which is a little on the quick aspect. The plastic shell of the charging case makes it feel cheap, however it’s practical and light-weight.

Within the charging case, led indicators display the battery charge level. An extra led indicator on the outdoor shows the charging state.

Setting up the Here One is simple. Simply head to to down load the android or ios app, then comply with the in-app instructions to setup the Here One.

The app takes you on a brief tour on the Here One, excellent for people like me who refuse to study printed brief-begin guides.

Pairing became simple too. There are 2 steps to it. First, bluetooth low energy connections are setup, one for each facet of the earpiece. This is used for app control. Then, bluetooth pairing is needed for Music and for calls.

Sound in Here One is pretty excellent. In reality, it’s quite extraordinary, specially within the class of actually wire-less earbuds. The sound is full-range, with voluminous bass, usual warm temperature, and expansive sound degree.

If you sense the want to tweak your tune, the Here One app offers more than just simple EQ modifications.

You may add special effects, like echo and reverberation, for instance. I individually don’t sense the need of those results, however perhaps there may be others who will like them.

One feature that makes the Here One specific is its noise filters. It’s now not just noise cancellation. It’s smart, selective, noise filtering. For instance, you could get the here one to tune out crowd noise, or to lessen jet engine noise in an aircraft.

You may also add white noise to mask out other sounds around you. You could adjust the extent of those filtering outcomes,that means you may manage how a lot of the noise cancellation impact you want.

If that isn’t exciting enough, how approximately the Here One’s filter out that facilitates to enhance speech from others? Consider conditions while you are attempting to have a verbal exchange with a person in a completely noisy surroundings.

However, how about additionally improving the voices? To a point you may even start to describe this as a listening to resource. It allows you pay attention.

What are the alternatives

The noise filters don’t work flawlessly. From time to time i’d assume noise cancellation headphones may work better. But when the Here One noise filtering does work, it reminds me that the top notch feature is a long way extra than just about cancelling out noise.

It’s approximately enhancing what you want to listen. This is the destiny of smart noise filtering, and it’s surely fantastic. Software program updates will certainly make this yet better in time to come.

Aside from the case and the type of ear tips, which curiously come assembled in a proper holder, the Here One additionally comes with a micro-usb charging cable.

The Here One 3-in-1 wireless earbuds are available in clear and white colors, and retail at $459. They are available at retailers, which include “We the People”, AV one, Best Denki, Challenger, Join it, Jaben, Headphones SG, SixFive, stereo, and Xgear, and thru truewireless.Sg.


Doppler lab’s Here One is a truely wire-less earphones with awesome sound exceptional and sincerely great noise filtering capabilities. Here One may well be a good solution for you they’re much cheaper than professional hearing aids which offer similar features, and they’re also useful for live sound applications.

However, even with faster charging the short battery life is a constraint for music streaming, and we caution potential buyers to be realistic about their expectations there before pulling the trigger.


  • Great sound quality
  • Amazing noise filtering
  • Convenient charging case
  • Light and relatively comfortable
  • Ability to EQ live sound
  • Quick charging


  • Short battery life
  • Occasional Bluetooth quirks
  • Airplane noise cancellation just ok

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